Crown Republik presents Ran Blacc "Emotions of Man"

With new music saturating the industry daily, it’s easy for these new single tracks to fade out just as quickly as they faded into our world. Not only that, but Good music used to come in the form of a whole album that was worth listening to track for track, versus just a single hit song in today’s world.

So, it’s rare to come across a project like “Emotions of Man” by Ran Blacc of Crown Music, which is worth listening to track for track! The whole Album is truly something different and something that anyone can relate to.

What sets this album apart from any other you’ve ever heard, are the Spoken Word skits intermeshed with Exceptional Tracks that will have you pushing repeat.

From the beginning to the end, Ran Blacc showcases his lyrical skills as he takes us on a journey that many Men go through but rarely speak about. Sharing his experiences backed with either melodic tones, Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B, which we call “Hip Hop & B”, giving the audience an insight into a Man's perspective on some real, yet familiar experiences.

“Emotions of Man” has 9 great and well put together tracks with 9 Spoken Word pieces of Art in between each track. If you listen to this album track by track, you’re taken through one Man’s journey through relatable life experiences.

Ran Blacc ends his solo project with a Special Bonus track called “Brighter Daze”, which is a remake of his Father, Randall Black Sr’s original song Called “Brighter Days”. This song touches on some of the same issues faced today that were seen back when the original song was created in the 1970’s.

We were able to catch up with Ran Blacc and get a one on one insight on his “Emotions of Man” project.

Thank you first of all for your time! Let’s get right into it… “Emotions of Man” has been in the works for a long time, and the finished product is very well Executed!

Whose idea was it to add the Spoken Word Skits to your project?

RB: It was mine, I had been working on some spoken word skits for my unreleased “Mommas Boi” EP, but as we got closer and closer to final production of this project I just felt like not would be a great time now to showcase some of my spoken word talents. Just wasn’t so sure on how the fan base would take it. I wasn’t sure how my die hard hip hop heads would accept the artistry.

Did you create your Spoken Word as you put the album together, or were these something you have had stored away?

RB: No, I wrote all the spoken word poems especially for this project each skit is based around the song following it. Its truly a book to be honest. Each spoken word skit is the intro to the next song, giving the listener a deeper dive into the project itself. We almost made a double CD, one with spoken word and the other with music but I didn’t feel that it would be received in the light that I wanted it to be. I feel the spoken words tie it all together.

Tell us a little bit about your experience on remaking one of your Dad’s popular songs ”Brighter Days”.

RB: Yeah, that hit different. To be able to do something that I had dreamed of since I was a kid, was amazing. Yet I wish I would have done more on it. Yet I wish that I could have made it the best song ever heard. Pride I guess. But it was just such an honor to get the chance to remake something I grew up listening to knowing that it was my father just gave me chills. Knowing I had an opportunity to redo history… Yeah, That Hits Different!

Those who have been following Crown Music know that anything you do has a deeper meaning to either the lyrics, the imagery, and sometimes even subliminals’ are hidden in your work. Were any of those in this album as well? And if so, what were they?

RB: Tons of them, from artwork to visual and of course lyrical. I can’t give those secrets away. Thats part of why WE do music the way we do it here at Crown Music. Thats part of the gift we give when releasing singles and albums. Part of it is giving the fans something they can dig into, research and decode. Thats the gift of music. Artists been doing it for years, we just continued the trend. Not many are still doing that now days.

“Emotions of Man” was in the works for many years before it’s Official World Premiere. With it being something different, I’m sure the anticipation for its release was nerve wrecking. Did you expect to get the feedback that you received from those who heard your album?

RB: Nawww, to be honest. I was very worried about this album. Ive never been as nervous for a release as I was for this one. This project was a complete unraveling of some of my inner most feelings and thoughts. Now I know Ive done songs and mixtapes that have given the listener some glimpses into some of those thoughts or ideas. But I have yet been able to create something that encompassed mental health and emotional heath of men, completely! Many of our deepest and darkest fears and emotions, many of which are looked down upon in our society. So to be completely honest hell naw I never expected to get all the feed back and buzz we’ve been receiving on this album. Just shows that there are many of us out there that are dealing with and/or have dealt with many of the emotions, situations and fears involved in this project.

What have been some of your favorite and least favorite comments that you have gotten so far from people who have heard your album?

RB: I don’t really have any, I take it all in. Good or bad it all helps in the creation of the next project. I don’t want a bunch of yes men around me. I need some one to tell me what they don’t like about the music so we can continue getting better at that which we love to do.

Can we expect to see more work coming from you in the near future?

RB: Soon, how soon I can’t say. But I do have a couple more projects sitting in the vault. “Mommas Boi”, “Hip Hop & B” & “Alter Egos Da Album”. So yeah we got some more work for the fans, just not time to release that work yet. Timing is everything!!!

NG: Thank you again for your time Ran Blacc!
Before we all part ways, is there anything you’d like to share with the reader?

RB: Aww, nothing I haven’t said before… I really appreciate you all for your continued support. Thank you for always rocking with us. We promise to continue to making that feel good music you expect from us. Thank you again for having me.

There is a song or Spoken Word for everyone on this album. It’ll take you back with some of its old school vibes, reminding you of where music originally came from and how it made us feel. Then you’ll feel the journey of Love, Happiness, heartache, regret, and pain while enjoying its musical composition.

“Emotions of Man” out now on all Streaming Platforms! Be sure to hit it up and follow Crown Music, Crown Republik Ent, CRE South, & Crown Republik Media Marketing on all Social Media Platforms!

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Much Love & Respect,
Naomi G.

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