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R.I.P PNB Rock (1991 - 2022)

10811048486?profile=RESIZE_400x According to sources, PnB Rock, the Philadelphia rapper best known for his 2016 hit “Selfish,” was fatally shot during a robbery at the Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles restaurant in South Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, law enforcement sources told The Times. Los Angles police Capt. Kelly Muniz said a shooting took place at 1:15 p.m. at the famous eatery on Main Street and Manchester Avenue. She would not identify the victim. Rock, 30, whose real name is Rakim Allen, had been at the restaurant with his girlfriend, who’d posted a location-tagged photo in a since-deleted Instagram post. Muniz said a suspect brandished a firearm inside the restaurant and demanded items from the victim. Sources told The Times that Rock was targeted for his jewelry. More details to come save this space. DJ AK Remembers PNB Rock
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Hiphop & RNB Stylez Vol 137 @80minassassin


1.DJ Khaled FT John Legend | Rick Ross | Lil Wayne & Jay-Z - God Did 8:20
2.The Game FT Meek Mill | Moneybagg Yo & Blxst - Talk To Me Nice 4:13
3.Lobby Boyz FT Lyrivelli - Lobby Boyz Anthem 3:09
4.The Lobby Boyz - No Love 2:30
5.The Lobby Boyz FT Dave East - Never Take Me Alive 3:49
6.Rowdy Rebel - Day Ones 1:10
7.Chris Brown - Till The Wheels Fall Off 2:07
8.The Lobby Boyz FT Fabolous - No Bobby V 2:04
9.The Lobby Boyz FT Holy - Off The Leash 2:57
10.DJ Drama FT Fabolous | Benny The Butcher | Jim Jones &Capella Grey - Forever 3:30
11.The Lobby Boyz FT Young M.A - One Day 2:57
12.Juelz Santana FT Benny The Butcher - Same Energy 2:13
13.Ma Barker - Run Down 2:42
14.Keen Streetz FT Fligga & Dev eye - Blockwork 3:26
15.Rowdy Rebel FT ABoogie Wit Da Hoodie & Jadakiss - New York 3:51
16.French Montana FT Jim Jones - Too Late 2:47
17.Wiz Khalifa - Memory Lane 2:42
18.Fabolous - 1 Thing 2:09
19.Troy Ave - Big 14 2:17
20.Rae Sremmurd FT Flo Milli - Community Dick 3:25
21.Asian Doll FT 2 Rare & D Sturdy - Rock 3:32
22.Asian Doll FT Iffy Foreign - 2 Shots 2 Opps 2:00
23.Ron Suno FT Rowdy Rebel - What They Gon Say 2:13
24.Ta Ta & Asian Doll - Subliminals 1:45
25.Rowdy Rebel FT Dee Billz - SPOTEMGOTEM 3:06
26.Ron Suno FT Kyle Richh | TaTa & Jenn Carter - Sally 3:33
27.Soniic - Spazz #BERMUDA 2:19
28.Lobby Boyz FT Fivio Foreign - Slide 3:26
29.Rowdy Rebel - Woo Nina 1:35
30.Headie One FT Abra Cadabra & Bandokay - Can't be us 2:20

Listen Below

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Beyoncé joins five women as the only women to have every track on an album chart. All 16 tracks from her latest Renaissance album have landed a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Queen Bey is also just the third female artist to land at least 80 entries on the Hot 100 chart along with Nicki Minaj and Swift. Renaissance is Beyoncé’s seventh No. 1 solo album.
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10775567479?profile=original Wack called Blacc Sam for removing a posthumous verse from The Game's new album at crunch time a claim we’re told is farfetched considering the song’s verses were never discussed prior to the album’s release. Nipsey’s label, Atlantic Records, was confused by Game’s “Drillmatic” announcement last week which touted a Nipsey featured a song named “World Tours.” Nipsey’s music handlers not Sam then alerted the attorneys to check for the song’s existing paperwork who in turn, sent Wack a cease-and-desist after discovering no such agreement ever existed. Wack has been critical of Nip’s legacy on numerous occasions since his death and accused Blacc Sam of holding a grudge during a recent Clubhouse chat. Wack argued that his and Game’s industry gripes weren’t mutually exclusive and the song should have been cleared, considering Game has waved the proverbial Marathon Flag in Nip’s memory over the years.
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Who hasn’t embarked on an outdoor adventure only to learn that the accommodations are a little bit … icky? Appropriately (and maybe ironically) named Toronto duo The Happy Campers serve up a roaring rock-blues amalgam capturing all the nastiness of a lake cottage gone wrong in their new single “Icky Cottage Blues” – available now.

Pounding drumbeats, wailing guitars, and a wild, careening rhythm are the backdrop to a tale that starts out, “I knew things were bad/ When I unzipped my bag/ And a spider crawled right inside.” Mice, bats, and rats also have their cameos, as well as a mysteriously sticky carpet and a shower so scuzzy it’s better to bathe in the lake.

Sounds familiar? Then you’ll understand the comical lyrics and vibe of this latest single by this husband and wife team made up of music vetern, Chris Birkett and Juno nominated video director Joan Prowse.

It’s a scenario that the duo knew was relatable. “Each summer thousands of families head to cottages for some R & R,” they said. “Away from city life, they arrive only to find garbage left behind by previous guests, appliances that don’t work, dead flies and mouse droppings inside cupboards and drawers, and bedrooms and bathrooms that had seen better days.” The corresponding music video, which features the duo as well as some cute, creative animation, dramatizes the various scenarios in a playful, comical way.

The Happy Campers make use of fun-loving lyrics, pop melodies, and music videos to highlight today’s popular issues. Whether it’s a growing pre-occupation with cell phones (“Tweet Me Right”), kids singing about climate change (“Save Our Beautiful World”), or this current single, their fun-loving approach is meant to appeal to a wide audience of listeners.

There will be further editions from this insightful team, like “Medi-go-round,” with the pair singing about the the ups and downs of medical advice. But for now, their hope is that this summer “Icky Cottage Blues” becomes a campfire sing-along, summer cottage classic.

“Icky Cottage Blues” is available now.




Who hasn’t embarked on an outdoor adventure only to learn that the accommodations are a little bit … Icky? Appropriately (and maybe ironically) named Toronto duo The Happy Campers serve up a roaring rock-blues amalgam capturing all the nastiness of a lake cottage gone wrong in their new single, “Icky Cottage Blues” — available now.
Pounding drumbeats, wailing guitars, and a wild, careening rhythm are the backdrop to a tale that starts out, “I knew things were bad/ When I unzipped my bag/ And a spider crawled right inside.” Mice, bats, and rats also have their cameos, as well as a mysteriously sticky carpet and a shower so scuzzy it’s better to bathe in the lake.
Sound familiar? Then you’ll understand the comical lyrics and vibe of this latest single by this husband-and-wife team made up of music veteran Chris Birkett and JUNO Award-nominated video director Joan Prowse.
It’s a scenario the duo knew was relatable. “Each summer, thousands of families head to cottages for some R & R,” they said. “Away from city life, they arrive only to find garbage left behind by previous guests, appliances that don’t work, dead flies and mouse droppings inside cupboards and drawers, and bedrooms and bathrooms that had seen better days.”
The corresponding music video, which features the duo as well as some cute, creative animation, dramatizes the various scenarios in a playful, comical way.
The Happy Campers make use of fun-loving lyrics, pop melodies, and music videos to highlight today’s popular issues. Whether it’s a growing preoccupation with cell phones (“Tweet Me Right”), kids singing about climate change (“Save Our Beautiful World”), or this current single, their fun-loving approach is meant to appeal to a wide audience of listeners.
There will be further editions from this insightful team, like “Medi-go-round,” with the pair singing about the ups and downs of medical advice. But for now, their hope is that this summer “Icky Cottage Blues” becomes a campfire sing-along,



The Happy Campers
Name: Chris Birkett
Email: chrisbirkett@yahoo.com
Phone: 647 226 0414


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChrisBirkettBand
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisbirkettmusic
Twitter: https://twitter.com/chrisbirkett12
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKe3yCCqV-U
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4rhVvTg0w8ZInywkDLaps1?TappID=60976&OS=
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/chris-birkett
Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/chrisbirkett2011

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“DANCING” displays a never experienced before musical style and a disruptive new soundscape from Wayo Tookid

Atlanta, Ga — July 30th, 2022 — Smooth, disruptive, and thoroughly entertaining- such are the carefully crafted musical compositions by rising hitmaker Wayo Tookid. A prolific singer and artist, Wayo Tookid is known for his peculiar musical tracks that take listeners by storm.

In a world where music remains a mass-produced everyday product, Wayo Tookid promises something more- something revolutionary. With his jaw-dropping scintillating tracks, the creative force is turning the page on today’s tried and tested musical genres.

His distinct, adrenaline-fueled new track, “Dancing” offers just the right mix for audiences to understand, or attempt to understand, Wayo Tookid’s creative genius. The magnetizing artist was always inspired by the soulful power of music, one that was borne organically but left listeners in a trance, moving their hearts, minds, and souls.

Delivering his own “wow” moments with tracks such as “Dancing” and “Muscatella”, the rising artist believes that his unique sounds and ingenious musical command are backed by divine intervention. With a strong, affirmative belief in God as the source of eternal inspiration and motivation, Wayo Tookid has great plans up his sleeve. Tookid hopes to inspire listeners and embolden positivity with his presence.

He plans on releasing an EP later this year, consisting of features from legendary names across the musical spectrum including artist Dej Loaf and production from top tier producers like Shizzi, Cheekychizzyhotboy, Shaq Attack, Vangz Music and Mango Beatz.

“It is always a ”wow” moment when listeners hear my music. ‘’You have a different sound’’ they add lol. Each track has a story behind it and its own peculiar sound. This is because i do not force music – the soul has to be moved first,” affirms Wayo Tookid regarding his music.

Stream, download, and listen to Wayo Tookid’s new music on his official music platforms! Support the rising icon by donating on all or most of your preferred listening platforms such as: Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud, and follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter for new updates!




A promising and dynamic name in the music world, Wayo Tookid hopes to create a new lane for himself in the industry. The talented music artist and entrepreuneur was born and raised in Ghana, but is currently based in Atlanta, Georgia. Having been recording professionally since he was a teenager, Wayo Tookid holds great experience, working on music alongside prominent artists such as Dej Loaf, Hassanthankgod, Joey B and Darkovibes, to name a few.

Guided and inspired by his everlasting trust in God, Wayo Tookid’s main goal remains establishing himself as an artist with his own genre of music- ‘The TOOKID Genre’. He hopes to enlighten audiences that there is always a miracle out there and some of those miracles are embedded in his music- feelings of happiness, wisdom and most importantly, love.



Dlane Records
Name: Wayo Tookid
Email: dlanerecordsllc@gmail.com


Facebook: http://facebook.com/wayotookid
Instagram: http://instagram.com/wayotookid
Twitter: http://twitter.com/wayotookid
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiWpRNqBb2RoZMuTFON3bhw
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/01HtGDllYbrUrbXoMg1Rzk?si=dRKcawqDS5-7VUSbLTM3Vw
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/wayotookid

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Charged by an infectious enthusiasm, BillyCEO is all set to captivate and inspire audiences from all walks of life, with her bold new single “Extortion”

Atlanta, Ga — August 13th, 2022 – An ingenious artist driven to cement her spot as the rising Queen of Hip Hop, BillyCEO is raking in all the attention with her hottest new track, “Extortion”. The stirring new track, comes alongside a fitting musical video, adding onto BillyCEO’s splendid discography.

“Extortion” embodies a characteristic breadth, clever lyricism, and catchy melodies- everything that makes the up-and-coming prodigy stand out from other artists in Hip Hop. With her flow, smooth verses, gripping songwriting, and engineering, BillyCEO delivers an unforgettable experience with her new track.

“Extortion” follows up on the artist’s three other original releases from 2022, including: “Two Ways”, “Come Along Way”, and “Talken About”. The new song was composed after BillyCEO purchased an instrumental from YouTube. However, after reading over the terms of the contract, she learnt that the producer wanted 100 percent of production credit and 75% writers share, leaving billy with only 25% of a song she created.

Disheartened by this unfair system, the eclectic artist decided to collaborate with hit making producer TSH made it and “Extortion” was dropped for listeners on January 29th, 2022.

“At times I jam out to my music, and I am surprised at what I just said or how good it sounds, sometimes I am even shocked. I am my favorite artist and my number one fan, I rarely listen to other artists,” comments BillyCEO regarding her music.

Billy considers her parents the reason why she fell in love with music in the first place, inspiring her throughout her life and career. She remains grateful to her team for their many sacrifices in helping her platform and hopes to shine as bright as she can before her grandparents, her anchors, leave for the next world. With a goal to chart on the Billboard Hot 100, BillyCEO is on track to become an international phenomenon and a super star by the age of 33.

Stream BillyCEO’s new music on Spotify and follow her extraordinary musical journey through ig: Billyceoduh
and TikTok:billyceo!




Born and raised in Sunny South Florida, Ashley “Kayolana” Williams has always been a person that “shines”. Her brilliant, youthful, yet brash delivery in music embraces and captivates the streets as well as a radio friendly and targeted audience. Writing about her perspectives on fashion, life, love, laughter, friendships, and jealousy, Billy delivers a viewpoint many of her peers and fans can relate to.

Since the age of 5, BillyCEO quickly showed an interest in music. From performing in front of close friends and relatives, to local school talent shows, club performances to the big stages, BillyCEO has already developed a strong fan base. The CEO has had plenty of success with viral videos starting with her lesbian lifestyle remix, Money Baby remix, So gone challenge and many more.

BillyCEO believes her talent, drive, passion and unending enthusiasm is a direct gift from the Almighty God. a top notch niche brand of music. She has been able to perform in many large venues along side of some of the industries best. Trina, Plies, Fat Joe, Fetty Wap, Fabulous, Lil boosie, Young Thug, lil Wayne, just to name a few.


Name: Billyceo
Email: Business@billyceo.com
Phone: 7866780316


Facebook: https://facebook.com/billyceogang
Instagram: https://instagram.com/billyceoduh
Twitter: https://twitter.com/billyceo
YouTube: https://youtube.com/billyceo
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7MHyA0gRNz8RCCVTWQtthm?si=ftnoXMLGQROXhbmYt_Fcyw
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/billyceo

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This new single, “FYFY”, is known for both its lyrical depth and musical melody which inspires listeners to press the replay button again and again.

Denver, Colorado — August 8th, 2022- Lil Ugly Baby XXX, also known as Austin Miller, is a new up-and-coming artist who has a long-standing passion for music. The eclectic musician’s inspirations include Prince, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Chief Keef, and Outkast all of which have influenced his style, sound, and creative spirit. It is Miller’s commitment to the craft that has helped him produce music that is truly out of the box for all.

Lil Ugly Baby XXX has been blazing a trail, and his fan base has grown exponentially thanks to the unwavering support and devotion of his followers. Together with Denver rapper Ray Reed, the rising was on tour. “FYFY” the newest single has a hard-hitting bass with guitar undertones. Through this musical masterpiece, we get to hear a side of Lil Ugly Baby XXX with new flows, a change in pitches, and rhyme schemes that has listeners pressing the replay button over and over.

Apart from the alluring musical tunes that are crafted by this singer, the lyrical depth within this new single helps relay the depth in the singer’s perception of the world and his life. Miller is known for creating music that truly tests the boundaries of innovation. The musician’s other singles include “Who?” a cryptic musical performance that entertains listeners with its beautiful symphonies.

“FYFY” is produced, mixed, mastered, written, and engineered all by Lil Ugly Baby XXX, who is a one-man army and a unique talent to pay attention to. Listeners will find that this artist has a wide range of soundscapes and has a likeness but a uniqueness to his inspirations such as Kanye, Young Thug, Gunna, etc. Lil Ugly Baby XXX has goals of gold and platinum records within the next year and is working diligently to achieve these goals with grit. The musical genius hopes to continue to produce music that appeals to listeners from all over the world.

Stream the inspiring artist’s music on YouTube as well as Spotify here https://open.spotify.com/artist/0UWEJpfrrxvZepnieksWfk. Follow the artist’s official social media page on Instagram for updates on newer music. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations reach out through this email x@liluglybabyxxx.com




Austin Miller, more popularly known as Lil Ugly Baby XXX has been making a name for himself in the music industry in the Denver area. His artistic endeavors span a variety of media, including fashion, film, and the study of other cultures. The multitude of artistic ventures of this musical genius truly showcases the deep sense of artistry present within the singer’s soul and his embrace of the artistic world.

These connected endeavors are all connected to his reputation as an artist who is succeeding at a rate that is unheard of in the art world. It is this soft and artistic soul that is reflected in Lil Ugly Baby XXX’s music with ferocity and finality!


Lil Ugly Baby XXX
Name: Lil Ugly Baby XXX
Email: x@liluglybabyxxx.ccom


Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Lil-Ugly-Baby-XXX-104935012214956/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/liluglybabyx.x.x
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/liluglybabyxxx
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCP-OhMzp80HNcVqI42xsiag
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0UWEJpfrrxvZepnieksWfk

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A soulful new single, “Talk 2 Me” reflects the versatility and depth that Trade Stevens endows R&B, Soul, and Dance music

New York, New York — August 10th, 2022 – A magnetic new track, full of danceable R&B rhythms and smooth and immersive Soul lyricism, “Talk 2 Me” promises audiences a memorable musical experience. Taking a vibrant and unique turn with his music, Trade Stevens’ new composition delivers a powerful narrative that will stay with listeners for long.

Evolving and experimenting with his dynamic style, Trade Stevens’ new single is thoroughly engrossing and a display of his varied musical expertise. Be it absorbing melodies, stellar song writing, or simply his technical prowess, Trade’s new single, “Talk 2 Me” has all that and more.

A formerly signed singer- songwriter, Trade Stevens left music for some time but was soon encouraged to return. Since returning, the prolific artist has continued to showcase a narrative people can relate to, while also stressing upon the value of never giving up on one’s dreams and goals, no matter the age one reaches.

Be it captivating Dance rhythms, empowering vocals of “Ole Soul”, or simply raw and magnetizing Hip Hop verses, Trade Stevens’ discography has got it all. Citing Luther Vandross, Aretha Franklin, Nancy Wilson, Darryl Coley, Barbra Streisand as some of his favorite singers and entertainers, Trade’s music evokes the authentic vibe of an era when singers were true to their music and narrates stories of meaning.

“It’s my hope- my music inspires. It’s my hope- my music fills people with joy, hope, and insight to one’s self,” says the artist regarding his new music.

Trade’s brilliant new musical project was initially set to be a demo he could pitch to other artists, but his production team, Will Preyer and Clarence “T Lee” Hill felt he should sing the songs he was writing. Being of a certain age, Trade was hesitant, but decided to move forward with the idea, in the spirit of following his heart and passion.

Download, listen, and stream “Talk 2 Me” on Trade Stevens’ official digital and streaming platforms. Feel free to reach out to the artist via any of his social media platforms for inquiries regarding possible interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.




Armed with the rhythms of Dance, infused with the vocals of “Ole Soul”, and tainted by the edge of Hip-Hop, Trade Stevens is multi-genre prodigy. Born into a family of musicians from Michigan, Trade Stevens spent his youth abroad. Since his father was an Army Specialist, Trade traveled the world and spent time in various settings. Trade’s talents were realized during a class “sing-off” for the role of Santa Claus in the annual Christmas play, upon winning which he actualized his musical genius.

In his pursuit of becoming the best at his music, Trade Stevens graduated from Stony Brook University with a Master of Science in Human Resources Management. Focusing on stories of love, connectivity, hope, and feeling broken, Trade Stevens aims to continue marketing and promoting his single “Talk 2 Me”.



Trade Stevens
Name: Trade Stevens
Email: tradestevensmusic@icloud.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TradeStevensMusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tradestevens/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tradestevens
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGMhm3GTii03dI4Apw8sY3A
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/13pEMlPJsKWtfYB6TGeV8d
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/tradestevens

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Taking Hip Hop and Rap back to its unique flair, Spit Hard Family Inc. present breathtaking original musical compositions

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania — August 12th, 2022 – An independent record label from Pittsburgh that is changing the rules of the game, Spit Hard Family Inc. are powerhouses in the Rap and Hip Hop scene. An industry heavyweight, the musical collective aims to continue dropping music that disrupts existing monotonous trends and exudes originality.

With their raw, authentic, and honest musical compositions, Spit Hard Family Inc. are upping the ante in the Hip Hop industry, alerting audiences of their sheer talent. With several exciting tracks lined up and endless talent, the music label wants to let everyone feel the waves of their impact and illuminate audiences about their musical style.

Setting the scene for the next biggest label to come out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Spit Hard Family Inc. Is in talks with Major Record Companies on becoming a subsidiary label for the best bidder and taking pride in being pioneers in taking the genre back to its roots. Amplifying voices that come from the true livelihoods and poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, the artists are on a mission to deliver honest portrayals, devoid of any glorification of drugs and gun culture and telling their audience the consequences of being In the life of the streets they see everyday growing up,

Narrating honest stories, Spit Hard Family Inc.’s newest album, ‘Hood made Vol 2’ comes out on September 3rd, 2022, and marks the second compilation album from the camp. A stirring and compelling record, ‘Hood made Vol 2’ also features appearances from Pittsburgh’s top producer Djbanger, from The Loud Pacc.

The imprint’s CEO Starlin B Kyles Jr, also known as Starzhustle412, also makes an intriguing appearance on the album alongside artist Yocuz Aka C-mayo on the hip new track, “Need tha World”. The new single, produced by Pittsburgh Battle rappper turned producer Anymal Aka Dainel Thompson is set to take the music industry by storm! Second single Baddie off the compilation album by New Spit Hard Family Inc Artist Bubop is on all streaming services as well, https://music.apple.com/us/album/baddie/1603201977?i=1603201979&ls&ls

Stream and buy the new single “Need tha World”  by Yocuz feat Starzhustle412 and other stunning new releases by Spit Hard Family Inc. and follow @Starzhustle412 on Instagram to book any Spit Hard Family Inc artist! Reach out to the music group through their email Spithardfamtv@gmail.com for interviews, reviews, and for information regarding collaborations. Make sure to check out Baddie by Bubop and Need tha World by Yocuz on Apple music!



Spit Hard Family Inc is an independent record label, bringing voices straight out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to the forefront of Hip Hop. The talented group started out as a Rap collective called Spit Hard Fam and dropped their first mixtape in 2006 on the website Datpiff.com titled, ‘New Beginning’, along with two local streets banger hits off their Mixtape titled, “Grimey” and “Yeah yup”.

The group opened for the likes of local icons such as Elephant Man and Sheeklouch. However, as momentum was picking up, the group got in trouble with law enforcement and lost an entire summer to the fiasco. It was after Bhustle, also known as Starzhustle412, got out with the aims of chasing the group’s lifelong dream, that the label Spit Hard Family Inc. was formally born.


Spit Hard Family Inc
Name: Starlin Kyles
Address: 1226 Ingham st, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Email: Spithardfamtv@gmail.com
Phone: 4126895240


Twitter: https://twitter.com/SpitHardFaminc?s=20&t=87P81cae_vpSRTnN28FqOA

Soundcloud: https://SoundCloud.com/Spithardfaminc

Reverbnation: https://www.reverbnation.com/label/SpitHardFamilyInc

Youtube: https://youtube.com/user/Spithardfamilyinc

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania — Lickity Schlick has and does exactly this in his most highly anticipated track, the first since January when he released the fresh funky hit song called Wonderland. Heaven is a deep, personal cut of the artist’s prayers and conversations with God who truly saved his life. To understand the artist’s faith, one must understand how it came to be.

Witnessing a few bizarre experiences that defied all rational and logical explanations really paved the way towards a full-blown shattering of illusions developed from naive small-minded thinking. Long story short, one fateful evening Jesus made his presence known to Lickity Schlick. The experience was so profound and transcendent that it rocked him to the core and changed his life for the best forever.

Now the artist cannot even begin to fathom a life without Jesus in his life. Once an atheist turned true believer. This is his story! This track is for anyone struggling and going through shit.

If God was looking out for an utterly faithless, thieving drug-addled junkie suffocating under the crushing weight of guilt, regret, depression, and anxiety and did anything to numb the pain while fully prepared to end his life.

While he is not a hardcore Bible shouting, commandment-following devout Christian, LS considers his faith as ever so evolving and growing stronger with each day. He strives to be closer to Jesus and continue to walk this crazy mind-boggling path with JC at his side. Joey (Lickity Schlick) struggled to find his identity, his purpose.

He used to be agnostic by choice, despite growing up in catholic schools because he hated having Christianity rammed down his throat every day. As mentioned before, LS struggled to rationalize logically several bizarre, weird experiences that defied all rational and logical explanations.

The only one that made the most sense was GOD! Lickity Schlick is LIVING PROOF that God exists. But don’t take his word for it.

Heaven is the latest among a treasure trove of hot exciting new tracks, nearly all of which self-made by Lickity Schlick. This was originally meant to be part of the EP but the song truly stands on its own and was released as a single.

On August 10th Heaven comes out, Be sure to check out Lickity Schlick socials for more!

Visit the following links for more!








Lickity Schlick is an up-and-coming fast-rising artist who is still relatively new to the game only been public since June 2020. He fell in love with rap and hip hop at a very young age because he was born with significant hearing loss.

He was drawn and seduced by the sounds of sick 808 bumps and bright uplifting (Wonderland) to darker haunting melodies. (Halloween Nightmares) Because he was born with hearing loss, it led to LS developing a slight speech impediment. He used rap to cope with it and become a better and stronger speaker.

The older he got the more he began to recognize the scope of his own potential. He never thought he would make a rap career until a global pandemic changed everything and ripped an acting career break right out from under him (As a lead in a Broadway show) devastated to lose a huge part, LS decided to revisit a dream once left for dead.

So he got lost in the work. Turns out he has a knack for that creative side of things too! He spent EVERY DAY in lockdown teaching himself how to make sounds for his own lyrics to use! The rest, as they say, is history


Lickity Schlick
Name: Lickity Schlick
Address: 345 E. County Line Road, Apartment B7, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Email: Lickityschlick1@gmail.com
Phone: 2159136599
Press Kit: https://musician.artistpr.com/p/lickity-schlick/


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lickityschlick
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lickity_schlick/
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/lickityschlick
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo1L3JS5ZXMiC8CyQQdBYrA
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3l7phOiJM5D3hsn3HQsJLH
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/lickityschlick

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Be it Americana, Acoustic, Gospel, New Age, or LGBT-themed Progressive Rock, solo artist Carroll Love’s music has it all

Ochlocknee, Georgia — August 11th, 2022 – A rising star that hopes to make it big with his soulful, heartfelt, and moving Americana and Acoustic music, Carroll Love is an artist of the times. With his multi-genre musical compositions, Love delivers the best he has to offer, outshining all contemporaries with his meaningful craft.

Having recently released his new song, “More than 90 Proof”, the seasoned singer-songwriter displays a masterful command over touching lyricism, song writing, and rhythms that enthrall all audiences.

Hailing from a small town in Georgia, and juggling between Georgia and Florida, the rising New Age and Progressive Rock artist has curated his own unique sound, inspired by his own experiences. Now furnishing his brand as an independent, solo artist with his track, “More Than 90 Proof”, Carroll Love hopes to inspire all listeners.

“More Than 90 Proof” follows 2 other professionally recorded tracks that the artist has dropped throughout his music career. The song has been out for a little over a year, and listeners of the track have affirmed how the track has beautifully helped them mentally cope amidst pressing and tough times.

“If this song is a success, I hope to continue to create more like this. My dad and my grandfather along with many different artists over the years from Usher to Eminem, Dr. Dre, Diddy, B B King, Santana, Bob Marley and many more have all in a way helped inspire me,” comments Carroll Love on his music and plans ahead.

An eclectic talent, Carroll Love’s goal is to eventually help others out, both mentally and financially and giving back to society and people who are deserving. His future plans are to continue to write and make music no matter what adversity or challenge comes his way.

Call into your local radio station to play “More Than 90 Proof” and stream Carroll Love’s soulful new single on Spotify and other official music platforms! Follow the artist on TikTok and on Instagram @carrolllove30 for updates on new music, and reach out through his email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations!




A prolific and independent country artist, Joshua Carroll Love, known by his professional name Carroll Love has been writing music since he was in high school. He learned song writing for years from his dad and grandfather and is the first out of the three to professionally record three dynamic musical records.

A unique musical act, Carroll Love’s style of writing spans three generations because of the influence his father and grandfather had on him. He also counts George Strait, Alan Jackson, George Jone, BB King, Usher, Bob Marley, Eminem, Disturbed, Avenged Sevenfold, and several other icons as his inspirations along with other metal and classical legends. Carroll Love’s goals are to reach platinum status and help people in his community and surrounding communities as much as he can.



Carroll Love
Name: Carroll Love
Email: joshclove21@gmail.com
Phone: 2292895981


Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/
Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/home
YouTube: https://youtu.be/W-71HCPq7Yk
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/1MtcfoYMQsEyZN5hUm9G5G

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On the crossroads of Indie folk, Americana, and Canadiana, ‘What’s in It for You?’ displays the rich creativity of seasoned musician Ally Corbett

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada — August 11th, 2022 — Showcasing her illustrious skills at an admirable range of musical genres, Newfoundland musician Ally Corbett is sending ripples across the industry. With her compelling and bedazzling Indie folk/Canadiana album, ‘What’s in It for You?’ already winning hearts, the talented artist has sculpted a vibrant new musical space.

A fantastic debut, ‘What’s in It for You?’ was unveiled for audiences on June 3rd, 2022 and features a brilliant blend of creative minds delivering their very best. Led by Alison Corbett on guitar, vocals, and violin, the recording also features beloved Canadian musicians Benj Rowland (Mayhemingways) on octave mandolin and accordion, Josh Fewings (Mayhemingways) on drums, Dave Pike (Onion Honey) on double bass, Grady Caplin (South River Slim) on guitar, bass, pedal steel, and lap steel, and American Spencer Chakedis (Jeffrey Lewis) on guitar.

A phenomenal fiddler and seasoned performer, Ally Corbett has years of experience, having toured with numerous iconic Canadian groups such as Al Tuck, The Burning Hell, Old Man Luedecke, Kim Barlow, Sherry Ryan and others in over 20 countries. The artist’s seamless style of spinning melodies and authentic song writing has already made some compare her to the likes of John Prine and Daniel Johnston.

Recorded in Kitchener-Waterloo, ON at Frederick Audio House by Steve Aylward, the new record has been released under Ally Corbett’s nascent record label, Long Lost Pal. Listeners of the new album are bound to appreciate Corbett’s characteristic, heartfelt songwriting style which stands out with its sheer breadth and inviting allure. An eclectic, vivacious, and warm-hearted songwriter and performer, Ally Corbett also continues to lend her signature fiddling style to countless Canadian recordings.

Stream Ally Corbett’s music on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music or buy a physical CD on Bandcamp at https://allycorbett.bandcamp.com/album/whats-in-it-for-you. To keep up to date on lives shows and new releases, follow Ally Corbett on Instagram @violinalison, and join her mailing list at www.allycorbett.com/home



Ally Corbett has been making music since the age of 9, and has been writing songs since she was 17. She completed her bachelor’s degree in classical violin, a Master of Arts in Ethnomusicology and her Bachelor of Music Education in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where she was born and raised. With a love for folk, country, rock, and indie music, Ally quickly found herself playing with local bands and toured with a number of ensembles from 2007 – 2011.

In 2011, Ally started a family and relocated to Nunavut to teach. Many of the songs on the artist’s new album are inspired by her time parenting, teaching, and living in the northern-most areas of Canada. Her current band line-up includes Steve Aylward on drums, Grady Caplin on pedal steel, and Dave Lacalamita on upright bass. They perform under the name “Ally Corbett and Everyone’s Friends”.

You can check out their shows in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and expect an upcoming European tour announcement for 2023! You can also check Ally performing weekly livestreams on Instagram on Wednesdays at 8pm ET.


Ally Corbett
Name: Ally Corbett
Email: allycorbett2021@gmail.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/allycorbettmusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/violinalison/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/violinalison
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2fKImW9oC02hirsQLdXfeG?si=Qxy5QRnvQLi0Al75Y0zJdw&nd=1

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A skilled and creative singer-songwriter, Miserableisobel is lighting the way forward with immersive new singles, “Alice” and “Bonnie and Clyde”

Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom — August 10th, 2022 – For rising artist Miserableisobel, making music is not just a beautiful medium of self-expression and art, but also a means to enlighten people regarding crucial life issues and inspire positivity in everyone’s lives.

The prolific artist’s newest releases, “Alice” and “Bonnie and Clyde” deliver a heartfelt, passionate, and mellow musical experience that will take audiences through a whirlwind of emotions. Profound, raw, and honest lyricism is what makes Miserableisobel stand out amidst a vast mix of singers and artists, and she is set to soar even higher.

While much of contemporary music steers further away from meaningful narratives and focus remains on illusory motifs that do not take risks, Miserableisobel’s music is a refreshing new wave. Talking about things that matter, the dynamic artist does not shy away from themes that are hard but necessary to be discussed.

With her rich and relatable musical style and songwriting, the eclectic artist is staying true to her promise of battling stigmas associated with mental illnesses. Aspiring to advocate for mental health and raise awareness through her platform, the talented singer hopes to give audiences a shoulder of familiarity with the new singles.

Listeners of Miserableisobel’s music will find both “Alice” and “Bonnie and Clyde” to be emotion-fueled, layered, and moving compositions. Both records will make audiences feel touched, moved, and understood by the striking song writing- a goal that the rising artist aims to achieve through her music.

Independently writing and singing all her songs, Miserableisobel collaborates with contemporary artists on composing beats and rhythms. She delivers a distinctive energy of her own, embracing positivity through her each track.

“I hope it makes listeners feel less alone, they enjoy the music and can relate to some of it. I am passionate about mental health and hoping to work in it too as well as my other passions: music and writing,” says Miserableisobel regarding her music.

Check out Miserableisobel on Spotify and iTunes and download, stream, and buy the artist’s new music! Follow her on social media for news on new music and reach out to the artist through email for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations!




A brilliant artistic force, Miserableisobel is the stage name of singer-songwriter, author, and mental health advocate, Caitlin Strømmen. The artist started releasing music under her stage name after originally dropping singles under the given name, Caitlin Strømmen.

For Miserableisobel, the shift came after signing to Bentley Records io, marking a new wave in her career. A talented singer, Miserableisobel inspirations musically include the likes of Maisie peters, Taylor swift, Florence and the machine, King Princess, Marina, and Lorde. Her goals are to reach people through her music and writing and to remove the stigma around lesser-known mental illnesses that are stereotyped such as psychosis and schizophrenia. A schizophrenic and former anorexic, the artist hopes to inspire body positivity and help audiences out with her art.


Name: Caitlin Strømmen
Email: caitlin.strommen@gmail.com
Phone: 07817596964


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/caitlinstrommen/?hl=en

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“Mama Mama I Can’t Breathe” draws listeners through the bare reality of today’s times, leaving a lasting, impactful imprint for all audiences

Indianapolis, INDIANA — August 10th, 2022 – An R&B singer-songwriter who continues to charm, excite, and inspire audiences with his musical concepts, Kerry W Clancy is an artist for the ages. Under the imprint of Yo Baby Cyber Records, his independently run music label, the eclectic artist is changing the landscape of music for the masses.

With the release of his new original single, “Mama Mama I Can’t Breathe”, the talented Indianapolis-based artist showcases a unique perspective. Delivering a gripping, melodic, and thoroughly captivating record, the artist sheds light on the endemic social injustice which keeps the United States a captive to hate, strife, and discord.

However, Kerry’s new single takes one step forward, by also lighting the rays of hope that audiences can beautifully witness. “Mama Mama I Can’t Breathe” is a depiction of the prejudice, racial inequality, and injustice that plagues contemporary society, but also symbolic of resistance.

The new track highlights the value of standing up against wrong, a sign that things have the potential to go in the right direction if everybody collectively raises their voice against social injustice. It is a passionate display of smooth flow, song writing that resonates, and entertaining rhythms.

Never shying away from societal critiques, Kerry W Clancy’s music is known to span a diverse set of subjects from social issues and problems, personal stories of love and romance, and even festival narratives and moods.

Listeners of Kerry’s new music will feel a much deeper awareness of the social injustice prevalent in the United States, and the new track is bound to spur critical discourse amidst fans of the genre. The artist’s new drop remains inspired from his own experiences, and he remains motivated to continue following his musical journey.

“I feel my my style of music is unique and can be readily identified as music by myself. My future plans include more festive music for the next 3 releases,” says the talented artist regarding his music and plans.

Visit Kerry W Clancy’s official website and stream the artist’s music on his official music platforms! Follow the artist on Facebook and Instagram for updates on new releases and make sure to visit his radio station Clancy radio on Jango.com as well as his albums “NO BARS HELD”and “SEEING WHAT IVE SEEN” on YouTube and Spotify!



Hailing from Ft. Wayne in Indiana, Kerry W Clancy is a truly dynamic and passionate R&B singer, songwriter, and artist. Kerry Clancy attended the Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, where he was also a member of the fraternity, Kappa ALPHA PSI.

A father of 2 kids, Kerry W Clancy is also a Vietnam war veteran, and has worked in IPS school district, giving back to society through his selfless ventures. Undeterred from his learning disability, Kerry hopes to inspire people with his musical compositions.


Kerry W Clancy
Name: kerry clancy
Address: 2817 e 10th st #233, Indianapolis, INDIANA
Email: clancy.kerry@yahoo.com
Phone: 317 4906893


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kerry.clancy.79
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channelUCsU2rQnvv1104704M9zJwlm

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A seasoned lyricist through and through, VA Streetz’s expressive and honest portrayals make ‘80s Baby’ a formidable underground Hip Hop record

Los Angeles, Culver City — August 8th, 2022 — Through the label, Motivate the Huddle, dynamic lyricist and artist VA Streetz is inspiring audiences to work through all of life’s many challenges. Shedding light upon an admirable range of stories, themes, and taboo topics, VA Streetz stands out as an artist for whom nothing is off the table for discussion.

With his exciting new Hip Hop album, ‘80s Baby’, the promising independent artist displays a compelling mix of rhythms, anchored by the artist’s powerful song writing. Slated for release on August 16th, 2022, on VA Streetz official music platforms, the new album has been independently written and produced by VA Streetz.

A raw, honest, and magnetizing musical record, ‘80s Baby’ is a groundbreaking, disruptive record that ushers in VA Streetz’s characteristic musical style. A standout Hip Hp album, ‘80s Baby’ features 14 stirring tracks, including “South Side of the City” which features contemporary artist Tip-Top and “Everybody Seen It” featuring artist Jewel Cannon.

“I want listeners to feel inspired and understand that I represent a story they can relate to…It took some time to learn how to produce the type of music that best fit my style, that is what makes all that I do authentic to me,” comments VA Streetz regarding finding his own voice with music.

For the gifted artist, music acts a relatable platform of self-expression which gives him the medium to be himself, create music that is wholeheartedly his own, and follow his heart. Creating music that appeals to today’s fast-paced generation and fans, VA Streetz remains motivated knowing that he is creating records that people love and live by.

The artist’s goal remains making good music that truly embodies the pulse of his culture, represented through a movement of delivering real stories. Cultivated by his own experiences and delivered by raw, honest storytelling, VA Streetz’s new music displays the hardships that he has had to overcome throughout life’s trajectory.

Stream, buy, and download VA Streetz New Album ‘80s Baby’ on Spotify and other official music platforms!




VA Streetz is a groundbreaking, prolific, influencial, and disruptive artist in Hip Hop and Rap. Growing up on the Southside of Chicago till the age of 14, VA Streetz moved to Hampton in Virginia- the same year he began his musical career and ventures. This move marked a defining moment for VA Streetz and he believes that both cities helped shape and mold his artistry as a true Emcee, writer, and performer.

From the lyrical street cyphers to opening up for iconic, seasoned artists such as KRS-One, 50- Cent, and others, the artist represents hard work, sheer talent, and a burning passion for music. In 2015, VA Streetz embarked on the awe-inspiring release of 52 singles, dropping one every week, for a year. He is also the CEO and Founder of AVC Digital Media, providing a platform for other aspiring artists to share their talents with the world.



Artist: VA Streetz, Label: Motivate The Huddle
Name: VA Streetz
Email: avcdigimedia@gmail.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anthroine.cannon.79
Instagram: https://instagram.com/vastreetz?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
Twitter: https://twitter.com/VASTREETZ100
YouTube: https://youtu.be/l4jqltIydFA
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/12dDDtNf7RzjqWmoScecPh?si=fXF9u4dzQdGk8lU1TFPYlA

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“Away From You” is the perfect display of masterful instrumentation, melodic rhythms, and songwriting that resonate with all

Copenhagen S, Denmark / Copenhagen, Denmark — August 8th, 2022 – Steen Rylander is no stranger to blending multifaceted musical genres and delivering memorable musical content. For the dynamic artist has already released innumerable singles, Eps, and albums to his name, creating a meaningful impact in Alternative, Blues, and Reggae.

From his 8-track EP ‘Meet Me on the Stairway’ to the album ‘Strylan Apocalypse & Next’ which dropped in 2020, and the album ‘A Taste of Honey’ which recently dropped in 2022, Steen Rylander has continued to inspire and amaze.

Be it his seasoned skills at song writing and lyricism that beautifully encapsulate a range of emotions, from melancholy to ebullience, or his distinctly captivating Reggae rhythms and tunes, Steen Rylander has it all. Now all set to wow audiences once again, the artist has only recently dropped his 20-track full-length album, ‘Away from You’.

Released on 22nd July 2022, ‘Away from You’ is an intricate work of art, introducing listeners to a poignant, heartfelt, and thoroughly gripping composition. With tracks such as “I Can’t Wait for You”, “Just Can’t Believe”, “Broken”, and “There Is Something About You”, the gifted artist embodies a unique strength of emotions within his moving song writing.

A dynamic Danish composer and artist, Steen Rylander has been playing music his whole life.  Initially the artist’s pursuits were focused playing as a drummer but early on, Rylander learned how to play other instruments as well.

After the start of digital music-making and the possibility of distributing music as a home studio musician, Steen Rylander began distributing a lot of his songs to the world. His new album, ‘Away from You’ is a solid depiction of his very own style, based on inspiration from music from the 80s to the contemporary era.

Stream Steen Rylander’s new album, ‘Away from You’ on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and other official music platforms. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out to the artist through email.




Steen Rylander is an accomplished Danish artist, singer, and songwriter who has been captivating audiences with his Reggae, Soul, Pop, and Alternative music.

In 2018, Steen Rylander went on pension and started making music every day, composing in a variety of genres including Rock, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, Symphonic Rock, Latin inspired Rhythmic, and many other rhythmic genres. He has also played drums in a lot of bands playing cover songs and a few where they made their own songs. He has played Rock, Pop, Jazz, and some Latin music including performances at theatre and musicals.

Apart from playing in bands, Rylander has also made compositions on a tape recorder where he played all
instruments. However, a lot of his instrumentations remain unpublished, except 2 songs played in Danish radio in 1972, in a radio program called Båndbixen. The artist is currently looking forward to the release of a mesmerizing new album, ‘Away from You’.


Steen Rylander
Name: Steen Rylander
Address: Dalslandsgade 22, 1.th., Bolig 80, Copenhagen S, Denmark / Copenhagen, Denmark
Email: steen.rylander@gmail.com
Phone: +4531490626


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/strylan
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/steen.rylander
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/stennrylander
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxLOw7GZHy5IXVKHzRmyJxg
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5yUvZsJBlhtqGT5QB7S77O
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/steen-rylander
LastFM: https://www.last.fm/user/steen_rylander
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steenrylander/

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“Country’s Kicking” is a tribute to a loved one, a tribute to Country, and a beautiful blend of anthemic instrumentation, song writing, and more

TITUSVILLE, FL — August 10th, 2022 – With all the makings of Country finesse, Hodges Country’s newest single, “Country’s Kicking” is already captivating and inspiring audiences. With catchy hooks, smooth vocals, and rhythms that are both mesmerizing and memorable, “Country’s Kicking” is a phenomenal performance by some of the genre’s award-winning players.

A feel-good track, woven with upbeat instrumentation and brilliant songwriting, the new release features a formidable set of players that complement Steve Hodges and Dan Hodges’ powerful vocals. The record features Jenee Fleenor on the Fiddle (three-time CMA Musician of the Year), Jim Riley from the Rascal Flatts on Drums, Grammy-award winning guitarist Tom Wild, and seasoned industry legend Bill Watson on Bass.

“Country’s Kicking” also showcases the brilliance of Steve King, who holds experience playing with country icon Keith Urban on piano/keyboards, experienced guitarist Steve Sturm and Bluegrass legend Aaron McDaris on the Banjo.

Celebrating country music, the fantastic new track was penned down by Steve and his wife Sheri Hodges, who unexpectedly passed away. Inspired to continue her legacy, Steve and Sheri’s son Dan decide to start Hodges Country and head to Nashville to record some of the country songs Steve and Sheri wrote during their beautiful time together.

A titular track to their upcoming EP, “Country’s Kicking” was released on July 26th, 2022, and has already been met with overwhelmingly positive response. The track has had over 34 000 plays on Soundcloud in the first 7 days of its release. An up-tempo track with a befitting Country arrangement, “Country’s Kicking” features matchless, expert production, ultimately delivering an enchanting narrative.

“It is just amazing how this happened and just as amazing as that is the way these great players all loved the songs and played their hearts out, bringing them to life!” comment the artists regarding their heartfelt new release.

Stream Hodges Country’s inspirational new track, “Country’s Kicking” and follow the artist’s journey on social media to keep track of new music! For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through email.



Steve Hodges is an American singer-songwriter who plays exceptional guitar and has written a string of powerful Country songs throughout his career. Steve has had several writing partners in his life that have produced some amazing yet unreleased songs. He considers the best writing partner in his life to be the love of his life Sheri, alongside his son Dan who has written, recorded and preformed with him.

Dan Hodges is an American singer-songwriter and lead guitar player of Hodges Country. Throughout the course of his musical life, Dan has made playing guitar,writing songs and singing number one. Starting out at the age of five, learning guitar from his Dad, and singing in the school choir, Dan now twenty three has become impressive to say the least, playing leads that could rival any guitar player in rock and roll.


Hodges Country
Name: Steve Hodges
Email: fans@countryskicking.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hodgescountry
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stevehodgescountry/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/7Hq8LIhk53LChqVyAkPTyW?si=86d787a507504d8b
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/steve-and-sheri-music/countrys-kicking-2?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing

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A magnetic sophomore release, ‘Scorched Earth’ showcases the rising Rock group at its very best- complete with infectious flow and lyrics

Nazareth, PA — August 8th, 2022 — Metal and Rock fans are set to rejoice as rising Rock band Psych Machine drop yet another enthralling album. Titled ‘Scorched Earth’, the group’s newest drop is a display of hard-hitting, honest, and sensory song writing which will resonate with audiences and captivate all fans of the genre.

‘Scorched Earth’ is a standout sophomore album by the group which elucidates the artist’s unique ability of channeling all the right emotions through their fierce and bold musical style. The album follows up on the artist’s debut album self-styled as ‘Psych Machine’, which marked their bold and thrilling breakthrough into industry in October 2021, unveiling an impressive set of exciting Metal singles.

With intriguing and compelling tracks that include, “Primal Says”, “Art of Confusion”, “Psycho Twitch”, and “Like a Willow”, Psych Machine draw listeners into the intense complexities and riveting intricacies that underpin human emotion. Through rich, vivid, and inviting vocals and rhythmic compositions, the talented artists weave a whole new world of their own- a feat that demands both awe and inspiration.

True to its core, however, Psych Machines’ latest album is pure, uninhibited Rock and Metal, taking listeners back to a refined, memorable, yet experimental musical character. A rising powerhouse in the genre, Psych Machine are driven to open into newer avenues and make their formidable mark in a beloved, distinct musical genre.

Psych Machine is the name behind two eclectic and seasoned artists who are changing the soundscapes of Metal and Rock. Wendy Reiss assumes her role as lead vocalist with her spellbinding vocal prowess and is joined by singer-songwriter Craig Bartock, the band’s guitarist whose inventive spirit remains boundless.

Stream Psych Machine’s new album, “Scorched Earth” on Spotify, YouTube, and Amazon Music. For interviews, queries, and to learn more about this dynamic Rock-Metal force, reach out through the artist’s website!




Psych Machine is a dynamic and talented Metal and Rock band based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. The rising group is fully furnishing the genre with their stunning musical compositions. The group is led by the prowess of Wendy Reiss, who plays the role of lead vocalist, while also balancing her other professional career in the psychiatric field. The promising artist complements Craig Bartock, the band’s lead guitar player from musical collective ‘Heart’, with whom she has developed the stirring new album. After the drop of their latest album in October 2021, Psych Machine is looking forward to even more refreshing and stunning compositions.



Psych Machine
Name: Wendy Reiss
Email: Wendyreiss11@gmail.com


YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSCJgvn-v0in8ZX1gg8RR2Q
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3pP4CzcLQCktlOXWq9OEnx

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Twelve singles that emanate pure R&B and Hip Hop flavor, ‘I’m Licensed to Speak’ is J.T. Johnson Crew’s commendable effort at inspiring audiences

MEMPHIS, TN — July 31st, 2022— A unique new act in R&B and Hip Hop, J.T. Johnson is sending ripples across the music industry with his brilliant new album, ‘I’m Licensed to Speak’. Along with a talented and dynamic production team, the ‘JT Johnson Crew’ that has always uplifted the artist’s stunning musical compositions, J.T Johnson delivers a power punch.

Radiating all the right vibes with their feel-good melodies, smooth flow, and effortlessly appealing production style, J.T Johnson’s new album is a thoroughly captivating record. “I’m Licensed to Speak” is a disruptive and riveting record, which is bound to ignite a newfound energy within all audiences.

Taking one a divergent new style, JT Johnson Crew’s newest drop is an enriching addition to R&B. For not only does the 12-track album promise compelling beats and rhythms but is also brimming with song writing that narrates real and authentic stories.

The new album includes 12 stirring singles, including “WHO CAN I REALLY TRUST”, a memorable new release that features contemporary artist CRIS COLA, who delivers exceptional vocals on the album. The artist also features on other singles from the album which includes the tracks, “I’M LICENSED TO SPEAK”, “WAIT AND SEE”, “WHERE WE GO FROM HERE”, “I GOT YOUR BACK”, and several other singles.

An exciting new wave in the genre, JT Johnson Crew are heralding a whole new force in Hip Hop. This is mainly due to the originality, relatability, and flow that their new music encapsulates, resonating with audiences of all kinds.

Stream JT Johnson Crew’s immersive new single, “WHO CAN I REALLY TRUST ft. Cris Cola” and the new album, ‘I’m Licensed to Speak” on Spotify and other official music platforms! For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out to the artist through email.




A prolific and rising artist in Hip Hop, J.T. Johnson is the founder and CEO of a rising music label and recording studio, ‘J.T. Productions/ Records LLC.’, which is based in Memphis. A talented and devoted Rap singer-songwriter, J.T Johnson has been part of making music since 2008, always inspired to tap into his inner potential and share his gifts with the world.

A magnetizing producer, R&B singer, and songwriter, J.T. Johnson was always moved by the way Hip Hop acts as a striking medium of self-expression. The artist remains grateful to the power and finesse behind his music, his production team- the J.T. Johnson Crew. With his talented group, J.T Johnson only recently completed his full-length R&B and Hip Hop album, ‘I’m Licensed to Speak’, with its first single, “WHO CAN I REALLY TRUST ft. Cris Cola” already making the rounds.




Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CrisCola901/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/criscola_/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/criscola_
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YURpxD20uwo
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1GFcKtYLUhOavoNkIyMzIZ?si=ed528c9d50214983

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