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Coming from Virginia, Jacqueline Battle is among the creative secrets coming from the east coast. Jacqueline Battle otherwise known Kiki Lechele, now residing in North Carolina, is a new rising artist who has been picking up features on her artist resume by doing verses and hooks for other artists. Gathering her early inspiration from legends such as Beyoncé, Gucci Mane, and Three 6 Mafia have helped develop her artistic process as she develops her sound as she prepares for her first single and debut project. Her first single, “Got My Own” which is coming sooner than planned, Kiki Lechele’s work ethic can be credited due to her upbringing in Virginia. Hard work and dedication are no secret to Kiki Lechele. Being a new up and coming artist, she has no notable producers to credit yet, but the requests are coming in, faster than she can keep up with it. Kiki Lechele debut album “#Itzkikibytch,” is coming after her first single, so her growing fan base can expect it, and be enamored with her development and creative lyrics and corresponding visuals that will follow. The name Kiki Lechele is unique and represents the creativity and dedication that you would expect from Virginia.

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