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Bermudian pleads guilty to involvement in the shooting death of a New Jersey man

A Bermudian man has admitted driving a getaway car after a fatal shooting in New Jersey.

Andre Trott and his accomplice injured the passenger of another vehicle as they tried to evade the Police following the killing.

However they were caught after they became stuck in traffic on a turn on Route 1, in Edison.

Two days after the shooting, on May 7 in New Brunswick, Trott's accomplice Cadre Williams, 31, hanged himself with a bed sheet in Middlesex County Jail, North Brunswick.

Both men were charged with the murder of 31-year-old Shakir McCray, of Roselle, but the charge against Trott was dropped to the lesser count of aggravated assault.

Trott, 29, of Sandys, pleaded guilty in the Superior Court of New Brunswick last Wednesday.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison, but it is understood the prosecution will request an eight-year sentence.

Middlesex County Assistant Prosecutor Keith Warburton told Superior Court the authorities will seek Trott's deportation after the sentence which includes three years probation.

He said the murder charge against Trott was dropped because the authorities had no evidence he conspired with Williams, of Georgia, to commit the murder.

US newspaper reports stated the authorities have previously identified Trott as "a high-ranking member of the Bloods street gang".

The shooting happened during a drug deal involving cannabis at the parking lot of an apartment complex in North Brunswick. Trott and Williams then headed north on Route 1 in a Jeep Cherokee, pursued by the Police.

Trott is due to be sentenced on March 8.

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