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Crown Republik Presents: “Crown Republik Da’ Mixtape Vol. 3”

My name is Devon Brabham, I am the owner of American monster Guild, I recently had the opportunity to review Crown Republik's newest compilation titled "Crown Republik Da’ Mixtape Vol. 3". CEO Ran Blacc is one of the most well respected music personal in the Las Vegas community. He  has been on a tear as of late, by putting out chart topping material. It was an enjoyable experience by reviewing "Crown Republik Da’ Mixtape Vol. 3". This project includes some incredible talented artists such as King Que, Los Peezy, Trap Starr, XI Da' MC, Honest Jaye, Rubee Redd, Tae Hustle, Cease Loco, Kash Mack, Yacoo D.B.H.S, and Ran Blacc among this all star lineup. I hope everyone gets a chance to listen and enjoy Crown Republik Da’ Mixtape Vol. 3, like I did.


The intro sets up the mix tape, but introduces the star players that will be featured on the mix tape. That is something that you simply don’t hear these days, in todays music. Reminds me of the Wu Tang, when they used to highlight who would be gracing the project, it really sets the mood.


I Put that On Mine featuring Cease Loco

Ran Blacc and Cease Loco bring the punch lines and keep your head nodding. I really liked the hook on this track, it increased the smoothed transitions that the back and forth between Ran Blacc and Cease Loco brought to the beat


They Laugh at Me

   I liked the creative beat that was used, and the right artists brought life to the lyrics. I was really feeling the artists and brought to life the talent that exists in the Vegas music culture. The flow that the artists brought was gritty, insightful, witty, and creative in the use of language and words.


Top Down

Summer Vibe is what I thought of when the beat comes on. Xi da MC is one of the most underrated but talented artists that I have heard in along time, and he lets you know whey this claim is correct.


Relationship Goals

   I was waiting for the classic R&B feel, and Ran Blacc and company did ‘t disappoint. The lyrics were representive of a true love story. Bonnie and Clyde type of feel, I really enjoyed the feel of this track. The beat brought the love feel to the track. What made this nice was that you could really listen to this track and vibe with your significant other.


Penthouse Interlude

Ran Blacc did a good job of breaking up the music with the Penthouse Interlude. Excellent use of commentary and transition to the next bunch of tracks


Love Hate

Cease Loco came the heat, with “Love Hate”, he creatively paints what we all feel, in regards to the hate in the music community across the country. His rhymes overpower the beat and takes control of your mind, and by the end of the track, you reminiscence over anyone that has ever hated on you and your craft or business.



My Own Bag

“My Own Bag” slows up, and the lyrics and creative structure is different but isn’t so different where it turns you off from the meaning of the track. The combination of sings and artistry makes for a great track that balances out the project. Applaud Ran Blacc for taking chances with this track as it fits nicely.




“Shotgun” was a dope track! I really enjoyed that soon as the beat dropped you hear the artist start the delivery, no hesitation. The lyricism is evident, with references such as “ghetto prophet”, was placed well. The track allows you to chill and vibe out, using its imagery and story telling.



No Love

The track infused vocals, then surprises you with sudden burst of rap lyrics exploding into your ears. The hook was intense, because it is felt by anyone who has feelings and instantly is relatable. The singing doesn’t make it a traditional R&B track, but it balances out completely.



The Real

“The Real” brought back that major industry vibe that instantly grabs your attention. I really was vibing to the track as it didn’t have the hard bass line, but was smooth enough where any listener could really connect to the content of the rhymes. This track was a perfect placement to the mix tape. The vocals that were placed really surprises you and makes you feel different emotions that were not there before it began.


Rubbing off the Paint Remix

“Rubbing off the Paint remix” brings that trap feel to the project. When you thought the project was tailoring off and transitioning to close out, it brings another level of energy. King Que brings the heat, that keeps you bouncing and serves as an instant Red Bull.



Stop Playing Games

Los Peezy is gritty and hard. Los Peezy compliments the beat perfectly. Closing my eyes reminds me of Atlanta legend Young Jeezy. The lyrics that he spews are worthy of repeat, over and over again. This young artist gives you a powerful delivery and uses his wordplay to deliver an epic storytelling imagery.


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