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FASHION BLOG: WINTER SHOW REVIEW WITH KING AUBREY (a good pair of kicks on ya feet makes ya cypher complete)

Winter 09/10 is the winter of change..... Truth be told i have nothing against the traditional 6 inch Timz and all of it color variations but i think this season we should let him ride bench. This winter lets push him to the back of the closet and try something a little different. I mean After all isn't that what its about??? Not looking like every other lame trying to fit in..... Any way Here goes Top 5 Alternatives to Traditional Timberlands

#5 Clarks Desert Boot

Once only popular with yardies, you now catch these all over hollywood. They rock well with skinnys, str8 legs, Slim Fit, Boot Cut, really they look good with any cut of jeans....

#4 Palladium Boots

Not for the Weak hearted, if you the type of person that watches what people say don't put em' on, you will only embarrass ya self. If you down for an outside the box look try em out. Because of fold down it allows to switch it up from a 8 inch boot to a 6 inch boot.... 2 in 1 cant go wrong

#3 Chukka Boots

The brand doesn't really matter when it comes to Chukka Boots as long as it a popular one..... rock a pair of these with a cuff in ya jean..... and you'll b hella fresh but clean

#2 Nike Boots

Not for freshmen at all... only for graduates of flight school.... swag is a must when rockin any nike boot... they come in a gang of styles but these are my favorite.....

#1 Timberland 7 Eyelet aka Docksider Boots

If your that stuck in your old ways and you have to have a pair of timbz..... the grab a pair of these. There's nothing more fly on the market right now for boots in my opinion..... They allow that rugged street look with a touch of class... again its nothing better right not 2 replace your 6 inches......

~King Aubrey for Big Bra AKA Thisis80.com KKAAAPPPOOOWWW!!!!!!

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Comment by ThisIs80 on November 24, 2009 at 1:04am

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