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Good Times USA Launches Good Times Hot 100 DJ Program

Good Times USA Launches Good Times Hot 100 DJ Program

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Tampa, Fla.- For almost two decades now, Four-20 has been the unofficial holiday for recreational time off from your daily routine of school and work. And since 2008, that same April 20th date is the birthday for cigar company Good Times USA.

Keeping those happy, laidback times burning longer, Good Times USA celebrated this special day with the launch of Good Times Hot 100 DJ Program.Respecting the influence of the DJ, Good Times USA’s Good Times Hot 100 DJ Program maintains a finger on the pulse of urban culture, leisure and play.

“We wanted to salute the DJs all across the country and recognize the hottest ones in their market,” explains Corey Curry, Good Times USA marketing director. “This is just our way of showing love and shedding some light on an important part of our music and culture.”

The co-branding partnership was put in place to help both brands achieve their marketing goals through touring, mixtape distribution, mobile apps, radio broadcasts and spinning in the hottest clubs across the country.

Since the beginning of hip hop in the late 1970s, the DJ has always been the center of the culture. And the same stands true today. So Good Times USA selected DJs who are the center of their respective markets and set trends in the entertainment culture.

Good Times USA recently re-launched GoodTimesEverytime.com. The website was developed as a platform to promote the Good Times Lifestyle though new music, mobile apps, fashion, models, events and the Good Times Hot 100 DJ Program.

About 100 DJs have already joined the Good Times Hot 100 DJ Program. Currently the roster is at full capacity, but Good Times USA will allow additional DJs to apply between April 20 and 30 viaGoodTimesEveryTime.com.

“Our efforts are ways to create branding campaigns and connections that speak to the empowerment of hip hop culture,” says Curry.

Founded in 2008, Good Times USA sells and distributes quality smoke products in the United States. The broad product line includes HTL and natural leaf cigarillos, filter cigars, cigar wraps and rolling papers under the industry recognized names of Good Times, Double Maestro, Remington, Sweet Woods and Flat Wraps.

Their products have become so popular in the United States that their unit sales have grew over 63% in 2012 and grew another 60% in 2013! Good Times is dedicated to providing their customers with the highest quality smoke products at a competitive price.

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Good Times Hot 100 DJ's Mixtapes

Streets Inspired 13b
Ridin High 18 Front
 FYM11 Web
Dirty Birds 3 x Waka Flocka
DJ Winn x Cool America
Puttin in Work x Dj Meat 2
DJ Steakz x 420
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Apply to become a Good Times Hot 100 DJ - CLICK HERE

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