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Been in this game for years it made me an Animal its rules to this shit I wrote you a manual.... these are the niggas that helped write the manual.... been workin on my craft since about 14.... i remember late nights me and my older brotha mixxin cd's all night and goin skool with no sleep to sell em..... any way check it out my top 5 Dj Inspirations

#5 DJ Drama

Mr. Thanksgiving is such a big influences i don't even listen to mixtapes unless he does them... every other dj's shit just sounds bad... bad quality samples are to loud jus wack tapes if the not from "Gansta Grillz"

#4 Steve Aoki

Everyone Knows I listen to more than Rap so when i get my electro on you already know i gotta get that Steve Aoki playin.... never herd of him??? youtube him.... his sets are crazy

#3 Tony Matterhorn (Left)

The First Dj i can really say i wanted 2 b like... and my parents hated it!! i used to watch his fully loaded 2003 segment like 4 or 5 times a week, sooooooo much energy. i'm yet to meet him but whatever it will happen..... youtube him too

#2 Vybez Alliance

He may not look like much..... niggas take him light cause cause he a skinny nigga wif glasses but his beast... he probably taught me the most non music related Dj'in shit..... how to make my self a brand, market myself, making my self into more than music....shit like dat.... it was all important shit but i think he gave it to me 2 young (16 or 17) none of it made sense at the time but now its all addin up
http://www.vaonline.tv check his shit out

#1 Dj Stylez AKA 80 min Assassin

My Nigga.... He like my Big brutha, and he like the ultimate hustler. He got more mixtpaes than any other local dj by like times like 20..... he's probably helped me make more money than any one else in this shit.... i memba i was crack broke out here in skool one time i call home and he got like 6 billz in mixtape money he been holdin 4 me (dats cake when you in skool lol) ... Dude stays on his grind check him out http://www.thisis80.ning.com

If anyone is wondering were is dj am.... I like to let the dead rest in piece.... just like if i was to make a best rapper list you wont see no biggie or pac on it.... any way RIP Dj AM .... check out my blog post on his kicks

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Comment by ThisIs80 on November 26, 2009 at 6:44am
441 we here now shout outs to aubrey on the blog !checkout www.kingaubrey.ning.com

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