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On Thursday, 18 February 2021, news broke across social media that Honeykomb Brazy’s grandparents had been killed in a vicious attack.

As police are still investigating the incident, we are unable to publish any details at the moment.

According to The Arts of Entertainment, “the cause of this incident is yet to be known, however, we came across some stories which noted that Honeykomb is a well-known rapper and has been targeted on several occasions.”

A Person on the scene said "This is a next level of demonic"

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10775565662?profile=original Lil Baby was reportedly arrested in France on Thursday for marijuana possession. Cell phone footage showed the rapper and NBA superstar James Harden getting stopped and searched by police. While Harden was only detained, Lil Baby appeared to remain in custody. One of the video clips shows Harden saying he doesn't understand what's happening while surrounded by officers. In the above clip, Lil Baby is seen inside of a police vehicle speaking with law enforcement. Lil Baby was reportedly among three people arrested on a marijuana-related charge. According to reports, police smelled marijuana after pulling the men over. During their search police allegedly discovered 20 grams of marijuana. Prior to their run-in with the law, James Harden and Lil Baby were spotted in France for Paris Fashion Week. French authorities say the investigation is still active, so stay tuned as more details are released. RELATED Harden And Lil Baby looking spooky after being spotted by paparrazi
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Source: TMZ
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Some people will hurt you but then act like u hurt them

We gotta be honest as a man
If u done slept with 1 million girls
it will never compare to that one time u catch your woman cheating with one Nigga

When u point a finger at someone just remember it’s four more pointing back at u

The truth is most women that are married to celebrities cheat with

*the personal trainer
*The bodyguard
*The driver
*The hype man

It’s not about the money when it comes to a woman . It’s about emotions

A shoulder to cry on will turn into a d!ck to ride on

Once u start seeing that the person u thought was playing on ya team with u is against you YOU START PLAYING FOR YOURSELF

That’s why u have build your woman up as high as u can so none of these broke ass n!ggas can reach her

U so busy breaking her down so low that a homeless Nigga can fuck your girl

Her insecurities and emotions play a role when u attacking her mentality in a argument

Just because your woman don’t catch u cheating doesn’t mean u in the clear

She ain’t got see u doing it
If she feelin that and u not reassuring her
She will react

Especially if u are in the entertainment business, truck driving business Club Promotiong or drug dealing business

U taking her granted
U neglecting her

That fire in your house use to be hot
Now u let it cool off cuz u in them streets

Being in a relationship is a full time job
It’s just Like raising a child
U can’t forget that Baby there

When u issuing out cheating
U gotta be willing to take it

Karma a bad bitch that’s always on her period

How u mad at your girl because she not doing what she use to do when u not doing what u use to do

This a two way street
Unless your girl is weak dumb or vulnerable she will mirror your actions

If u can’t take that cold blooded mirror
Fix the picture

Look at all the rappers who have good women in their life
They’re mental health is stable and their only focused on winning because they’re happy

Look at the rappers who are married to hoes or Just deal with hoes
They are not able to create the best music because they’re unstable




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Black man was found hanging off the MLK Bridge in Atlanta and initial report from local authorities was that the man "committed suicide". However some evidence suggest he may have been killed.A video shared online shows the Morehouse College student hanging by his neck with a metal chain, not a rope or belt. He is also seen wearing his backpack.Atlanta police were called to MLK Drive at about 6:30 p.m. Friday and wiithin hours of the body being located and without any witnesses, police closed the case and classified it as a suicide. But reports say someone around the area claim they heard someone yelling, "don’t do it."The reports states: "The preliminary investigation shows the male had a chain wrapped around his neck, Atlanta police Sgt. John Chafee said. The chain was locked in several places and keys to the locks were found in one of the victim’s pockets, Chafee said. Investigators canvassed the area and located one person who said they overheard someone yelling "don’t do it," Chafee said. The Fulton County Medical Examiner’s Office has not been able to notify next of kin.People are now calling for a proper investigation into the death of the young man believed to be in his twenties.Here is the video of the young man hanging from the bridge.The post Foul play suspected in the death of Black college student found hanging in Atlanta (photo) appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

Source: Linda Ikeji’s Blog

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10775526086?profile=original Last night Tekashi 6ix9ine performed in connecticut and like most 6ix9ine appearances a scuffle broke out leaving no one injured , footage shows 6ix9ine & crew where not involved in the melee this time.Its definately safe to say wherever 69 pulls up it goes down
Footage by @fuckrudeboy Follow
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Mixtape : Cokeboy Brock - Backblock Brock

1.Activated Prod by C. Jones
2.Hot Every Summer
3.Dat Bag (Ft C Jenks) Prod by Rico Kavorkian
4.We Like That (Ft Quay Dollaz) Prod by OVA ROME
5.Im The Shit
6.Juggin n Finessin (Ft H MoneyBags) Prod by Bass Beatz listen download
7.Shut it Down
8.Trigga Happy (Ft Droop Pop) Prod by Rico Kavorkian
9.Right Now (Ft D-Smallz)
10.Certify The Bag Prod by Cortez


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Nothing but heat can be expected anytime Benny The Butcher is involved and with 38 spesh on the track wheeewwww straight bars!!This is proof hiphop is still alive and kickin.
Listen as they tell gritty street tales on Mob Ties Below

Benny just recently dropped new project titled " A Friend Of Ours" which can be found on all major streaming outlets.

Posted by 80

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News : Stowaway Racoon Put To Sleep

A raccoon that arrived in Bermuda on board a container ship has been put down.

The animal, normally found in parts of North America, is believed to have stowed away in a shipping container in the United States before being brought across the Atlantic and into Hamilton Docks.

The raccoon was discovered inside the container by staff at Pembroke Paint Company on Bakery Lane earlier today.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Environment and Natural Resources said: “Government officers attended the scene and the animal was removed.”

She added that the container, which departed Scarborough in Ontario, Canada, one week ago, was inspected for additional “live cargo” and nothing further was found.

The spokeswoman also confirmed that the animal was put to sleep “immediately” by government officers.

She added: “In these matters, a wild raccoon would not be returned to the country of origin, as no country would not accept it.”

“Due to the unknown disease status of this wild animal and the potential implications to human health, the raccoon was humanely euthanized immediately.”

The spokeswoman said: “Raccoons are susceptible to a large number of different infectious agents including bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

“Thankfully, no person came into contact with the raccoon, and so no human was put at risk.

“The Department wishes to thank the staff of Pembroke Paint Company for their quick thinking and actions which safeguarded the community.”

It is not the first time that a raccoon has managed to make its way to Bermuda.

The Royal Gazette reported how a young raccoon had to be killed in 2008 after being discovered in a shipping container in Pembroke’s Mills Creek.

The animal had arrived on board a container ship from Baltimore.


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Last month, Quavo was involved in a post-Grammy's brawl with famed jeweler, Eric The Jeweler, in the wee hours following the award show at 1OAK in NYC. According to TMZ, the NYPD has informed the Atlanta native's legal team that they have acquired enough evidence to arrest the Huncho Jack, Jack Huncho rapper.

Eric The Jeweler originally claimed that Offset still owes him north of $10,000 and once the skirmish escalated, he ended up having his $30,000 chain snatched. Eric alleged that Quavo and another man were the culprits of the attack. Billboard previously reached out to the NYPD following the Jan. 29 incident, "A complaint report for Robbery was filed for an incident that occurred on January 29, 2018 at approximately 0430 hours at [1Oak]," Detective Sophia T. Mason wrote in a statement on Feb. 1.

"The 25-year-old male complainant reported he was assaulted by a member of a musical group (Quavious Marshall) and suffered a swollen right side. He also stated that his necklace was taken during the incident. There are no arrests at this time and remains an active investigation."


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