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Balo is a dynamic artist and producer based in Los Angeles, CA. Having moved his whole life, from New York to Hawaii to Boston and now Los Angeles, his music reflects his nomadic ways.He began rapping and singing at age 13 and has not stopped. After getting deep into the newest music industry tools he learned to produce beats in high school. Balo also then began releasing music and music videos and performing around the Boston area opening for fellow artists including Mac Miller and D12. He wanted to take it to the next level and moved straight to LA after high school to learn music production and audio engineering professionally. After graduating from MI school of contemporary music, he's worked in studios all around Los Angeles producing and engineering for top acts and labels such as G.O.O.D Music, Cash Money Records, Sony and more.Now, after cultivating an effective and talented team around him, Balo has been dropping music, including his debut single “Around You”, followed up by "1996", "Ride", "Off The Fence" and more. He's continuing to drop songs from his anticipated EP, Sunset Rush.Balo"s new track, "November", is a blend of smooth melodic vocals accompanied by airy and upbeat production. It's the last single he'll be dropping before releasing his upcoming EP. Balo wrote, produced and mixed this song himself to express a deep sense of personal nostalgia. It is an ode to a lover and celebrates remembering their times together.

Socials: IG: https://www.instagram.com/playbalo/ FB: https://www.facebook.com/playbaloTwitter: https://twitter.com/playbaloTiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@playbalo?

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/1qXuo5wzzb5ZDq6wrE95po?si=0fe0aa513b4e4350 Apple Music:https://music.apple.com/us/album/november-single/1574452476Website Landing:https://playbalo.com/november

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Young Nicky is a new artist from Seattle, Washington that recently dropped his first single "Make It Last Forever" (https://youtu.be/OEzRmC7hMuI​) with a hot music video shot & edited by KGR Majesty. Mistah Wilson sat down with tha aspiring artist to discuss life growing up in Seattle, the people who motivated him to pursue music, and overcoming challenges that have inhibited his growth as a musician.

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10775561291?profile=original Nicki Minaj is back and she's making Fridays a little more pink while "Seeing Green."

After blowing up the internet with a tease Monday, the singer on Friday rereleased her 2009 mixtape "Beam Me Up Scotty" on streaming services and added three new tracks to the original project. Before dropping the new music, the "Itty Bitty Piggy" rapper went on Instagram live to celebrate.

"I knew if I just rereleased the mixtape without putting anything new, I knew y'all would cuss me the (expletive) out," Minaj said.

The mixtape's new adds include "Fractions," a "Crocodile Teeth" remix with Skillibeng and a return to the Young Money team "Seeing Green" which features Lil Wayne and Drake.

"Fractions" brings back Minaj's "bad guy" rapping after what she described as having "writer's block" on Instagram. She spends the duration of song spitting bars without any interruptions of a chorus: "I'm 'bout to give them that traction, send a distraction / Then I'ma line 'em like fractions / Took a brеak, I let 'em live, look it all 'еm eatin' / But these (expletive) gon' be mad once I call this meetin' "
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A post shared by Barbie (@nickiminaj)

Drake made a surprise appearance on Minaj's announcement and talked about the song "Seeing Green" which the "Scary Hours" rapper sent to Minaj.

"It didn't feel right with you not being on it," Drake told Minaj. "It was fun the other way but it's epic this way."

Minaj also announced that she will have an album on the way.


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After years of success with the rap group Wyld Stylaz and working with Mozzy, Zoey Dollaz, Troy Ave, and Mickey Factz, 2Dee is back to focus on his own growth with his latest video entitled "Ride 4 Me" ft. his brother / producer Xclusive. The record is like something you might hear from the legends of the 90's but with a new school twist. Yet another very deep and melodic record, definitely one fans do not want to miss.

Stream "Ride 4 Me" out now click here: http://www.2lin.cc/Ride4Me

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Albee Al delivers "Koba" the Mixtape

2.Circle Getting Smaller
3.Going How I Came
4.Money Over Bitches
5.From The Bottom ft. Kodak Black
6.I Wouldn't Lie
7.Reckless Driving
8.Wishing On A Star
11.HollyHood ft. Ni-Banga Meech
New Jersey native Albee Al drops the anticipated mixtape "Koba" which has features from Kodak Black, Ni-Banga & Meech and also Features his hit single "Reckless Driving" this is what we call GORILLA MUSIC where Al delivers nothing but street heat.Tune in below
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Talented publisher, songwriter, and performer, Benji, announces the release of her new single titled “Til the Sun Comes Up” off her upcoming EPBenji is an up and coming songwriter, artist/performer, who has probably seen it all and done it as a hustler, investor, CEO, published writer, and mother. Benji recently announced the launch of her new work, which she titled, “Til the Sun Comes Up”, a song off her upcoming EP which is scheduled to be released in late November 2018.The music industry and the world of entertainment as a whole have evolved over the years, with creative minds and hands putting out a series of works that are appreciated by lovers of good music. One of such artists that have stayed true to their art and never compromise quality music is Benji. Since her entrance into the industry, Benji has continued to grow by leaps and bounds, featuring in a couple of songs with a few well-known acts in the industry. Overtime Benji has been able to network and build relationships with some heavyweight artists influential to her music, such as Bun B, Too Short, Lil Scrappy, Akon, Young Buck, DjDrama.The recent release of her latest work is a testament to her creativity and passion to make good and thought-provoking songs. Like any other work from the humanitarian, “Til the Sun Comes Up”, is an expression of Benji’s fierce lyrics that will help her to create a niche for herself in the industry.Lady Benjamin as she used to be called started out as a writer, becoming a published writer at the age of 16 by writing poetry. Her love for poetry soon metamorphosed into songwriting and ultimately rapping, a feature that is evident in her lyrics.Benji decided to take the bulls by the horns after winning a few competitions and coming up tops at a live freestyle showcase hosted by Too. Over the years, Benji has overcome different obstacles to become the woman she is today.Benji has been privileged to work with different artists in recent times since making a debut into the industry in the early 2000’s. She landed an opening act for Rick Ross in Miami for his then-newest single “Everyday I’m Hustling”, which led to the invitation to do a string of shows throughout the south, including Spring Bling and a VMA after party show.After a few meetings and being introduced to 88fingaz, who is now her executive producer, Benji is currently working on her EP which is expected to drop early November 2018.Benji’s style of music has been influenced by different events and personalities, with the legendary Tupac being one of the most notable figures.Her hit single titled “Til the Sun Comes up” is already proving to be a banger. The single, as well as other works of Benji, are available across different digital platforms including iTunes, SoundCloud, and Spotify.Benji is currently in the studio working on the second release featuring Bando Jonez.Facebook:Team BenjiIts BenjaminInstagram:@Benjiofficialpage@Benji_musikfanpage
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Connect w. Mista Raw:

Twitter: @MISTA_RAW

Instagram: IAM_MISTA_RAW

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MISTARAW

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Stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/659dbSNIwvgyu7PsG0eDk8?si=aEJdlCg1Tqaf_BF_QY09gw Social Media: http://www.instagram.com/youngtrapmuzic http://www.twitter.com/youngtrapmuzic Snapchat = YoungTrapMuzic Book Young Trap: 770-369-7303

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Rapper, Music Producer, Entrepreneur (1995 – current)
Dupor is a rapper/producer who created Champions of Destruction (COD) in 2010 and has produced for artists like Bombay, Lukes, Gee$ and Lock.


10775523266?profile=originalDupor is originally from New Orleans, LA who relocated to Houston, TX in 2005 after hurricane Katrina. His creativity is a product of his childhood/upbringing where he faced many challenges.

In 2010, he found Champions of Destruction which later evolved into a family of artist that is known today as World Champions Entertainment.

Currently, Dupor is working on releasing several albums with many anticipated hits. Jesus versus Demons is expected summer of 2018 with the album Moon God soon to follow. Another album, 8 Stars Vol. 1 is expected to top the charts and looking to release before close of 2018.

Born in New Orleans, Raised in Houston, TX

Tyrin Yrral Dupor was born on January 3, 1995, at Meadowcrest in Gretna, LA. His father and mother split, when Dupor was 3 years of age. Dupor’s father, who was heavily vested in the streets from California to New York and Miami, found himself sacrificing his time with his son for the streets. His mother then decided to move with him and his older brother, Lock, to Gretna, LA; she struggled to make ends meet, taking multiple jobs and living with her sons in Oakdale. She raised her sons alone and in 2005 relocated to Houston, TX after suffering through Hurricane Katrina. She raised her sons in Houston where Dupor excelled in sports. He later graduated in 2014 from Westfield High.

It was in Houston where Dupor’s passion for music found an early outlet when he began skateboarding (2007) and found himself listening to all music genres. When he began playing football, where he excelled greatly, he found himself immersed in music. He then began questioning himself and wondered why he doesn’t make music. His brother, Lock, was already rapping to instrumentals and later became heavily influential in the development of Dupor’s rapping and style of rap.

Dupor held down a number of part-time jobs as a teenager while he honed his rapping and production skills. After graduating from high school, Dupor decided not to attend college. He wanted to take COD to new heights and later in 2015 COD legally became WCE, a record company.

WCE - World Champions Entertainment, LLC.

His debut album, The Book, was released in 2017. It was self-10775523868?profile=originalproduced, but also saw him rapping over beats from Juno, Beats by Darius and Squills to mention a few.

Dupor dropped over a dozen mixtapes since 2010. The Creation Chapter, Burning Chapter, Savage Vol. 1 and Konoha to name a few. Many songs were rejected from Dupor’s debut album. That album, The Book (2017) was said to be too lyrical and too much for the public to digest as a debut album.

Establishing His Own Label

As a thoughtful creative, Dupor wanted to create a label that would remove the hassle of expediting creativity. He then made it his mission to put his team on his back and understood the responsibility required. His growth, development and success would be the way to help launch his family of artists.

Dupor’s artistic influence includes the names of Wiz Khalifa, Kid Cudi, Lupe Fiasco and Drake. His sound is said to be universal and fits any style of hip hop. Upon taking the time to listen to his library of music, that he keeps on his iMac, one can conclude that he is a very well balanced artist and producer. He finds his creativity to go out as far as Japan and as close to home as Houston with artist such as Travis Scott. Today, he continues to produce and create music and is waiting for his time. Dupor is ready for the world. His question for the world is, “Is the world ready for me?”

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Ha Phuong, a petite dynamo with a huge heart and a big name in her native Vietnam, now a deeply entrenched New Yorker!!  An accomplished actress, singer, philanthropist and movie producer. She is more determined than ever to help make the world a better place, inspired by her not only her daughters but her childhood in Vietnam.
[Single] @HaPhuongArtist 'Memories of Love'
Ha Phuong is one of three daughters in a musical family.  Ha Phuong discovered the power of using her talents as a singer, dancer and entertainer to express herself and connect with people around the world. To date she has released 12 solo albums and numerous CDs in Vietnam and the US.

In April 4, 2008 Ha Phuong unveiled the Ha Phuong Foundation. The Foundation is the culmination of Ha Phuong’s passion for music and her fierce devotion to supporting children’s causes.  In an extraordinary demonstration of her commitment to helping others, Ha Phuong pledged 100% of her future earnings including DVD/CD sales, concert revenue and royalties from her music and acting career to the Foundation.

Ha Phuong is also an integral part of the Vietnam Relief Effort, a non-profit organization that her husband, Chinh Chu, formed with his sister in 1999 which is dedicated to giving back to Vietnam and some of its poorest citizens.

The couple returns regularly to Vietnam to personally deliver money and supplies to deserving recipients. Everywhere you look, Ha Phuong is leaving her mark.  Last year she added “top donor to UNICEF” to her list of good works.

Check out Ha Phuong’s current single “Memories of Love” today on Soundcloud!!

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[Mixtape] @noochiemusic - New Regular

OY Music Group, Atlantic Records and Empire Distribution present Noochie "New Regular" Washington, DC native Noochie's , clever songwriting skills, and unique style brings the party to life with contagiously vibrant verses and stellar production. Hosted By The Living Legend Bigga Rankin.
[Mixtape] @noochiemusic - New Regular


Support the team and follow the movement. 
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Coming from the west side of Chicago, Hec Nation, and Fm Grand of "Grand National Ink" share a unique vibe together, each of them also displays their own unique signature style. When these cats hit the studio the music they produce is nothing short of epic, and rare. This new single “Runnin On the Set” is sure to leave you wanting more from these two.

Today we debut a new song and video from the upcoming "New Age" project titled “Runnin On the Set”. Production credits includes Xcelence, visuals provided by @Ishotdat and @J_Spealz. You can follow Grand National Ink on Twitter via @GrandNatInk.

Watch the official video for Runnin on The Set below.

Grand National Ink - Runnin On the Set (prod. by Xcelence) [dir. by @ishotdat @j_spealz] from Dj Smoke @PromoVidz on Vimeo.

Coming from the west side of Chicago, Grand National Ink (Hec Nation, and Fm Grand) share a unique vibe together, each of them also displays their own unique signature style. When these cats hit the studio the music they produce is nothing short of epic, and rare. This new single “Runnin On the Set” is sure to leave you wanting more from these two.

Today we debut a new song and video from the upcoming "D1" project titled “Runnin On the Set”. Production credits includes Xcelence, visuals provided by @Ishotdat and @J_Spealz. You can follow Grand National Ink on Twitter via @GrandNatInk.

Watch Grand National Ink's video for Runnin on The Set below.

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Introducing Tinny Entertainment's first lady BELLA. Mabel Oine Alubo, whose stage name is Bella, is a Nigerian recording and performing artist. She was born on August 9th 1993 in Jos, Plateau, Nigeria. Her early musical influences growing up were an interesting mix of different sounds from the likes of Eminem, Ray Boltz, Plantashun boiz, R-Kelly, Daddy Showkey Spice Girls and the Danfo Drivers.

The Beginning
At 12, Bella began writing poems to express her imaginations and life around her. When she turned 16, she was inspired by after listening to Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III album to write rap verses.

About a year later, she was persuaded to try out of modeling and pageantry, which earned her the place of 1st runner up at the 2010 Miss Tourism Plateau; and 3rd runner up, Miss Plateau in 2011.

The rise of fellow J-town bred artistes – M.I, Jesse Jagz and Iceprince – inspired Bella to take her passion for music, a bit more seriously, so she put out her first ever piece of work in 2012, which was a cover to Kanye West’s Theraflu.


Music Journey
After her graduation from the University of Jos with a BSc in Microbiology, Bella decided to pursue music as a profession. In 2015, she dropped a song titled “No Lie” and cover to Falz’ Karishika online. This was closely followed by her first ever body of work, her debut EP with emerging producer, Jxmmy Whxxlxr. In 2016, she put out a second EP album titled 'Bella 2.0: Lucid Dreaming', which included fan favorites such as 'Alhaji Money' and 'Myself' produced by Syn X.

A month after the 'Bella 2.0: Lucid Dreaming’ was released, Bella scored a major record deal with Nigerian music label, Tinny Entertainment, home to African Pop star, Ycee.

Tinny Entertainment's first lady Bella’s sound is best described as a fusion of hip-hop and afro-pop music genres. Her current musical influences include Angel Haze, Kanye West, Drake and Kunem Slizzle. Bella draws inspiration from real life situations.

Her debut single under the Tinny Entertainment imprint is titled “Radio” was released on May 3rd 2017. It features label mate Ycee and was produced by Syn X.

Gimme LoveBella’s sophomore single is a game changer produced by Quebeat.


2017 – Gimme Love
2017 – Radio

Boogey Ft. Whykay, Bella, AT, Cyclone, Artemis, Kel, Phlow, Maka - Resurrection

2015 – Bella EP
2016 – Bella 2.0: Lucid Dreaming EP


- Twitter:http://twitter.com/BellaAlubo
- Instagram: http://instagram.com/BellaAlubo
- SoundCloud:http://soundcloud.com/BellaAlubo

- Facebook: http://facebook.com/BellaAlubo
- Label Website:www.tinnyent.ng

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Here I present to you, the New Modern Day "Mona Lisa", Monae Giovani in this masterpiece of work showing the Godly powers of Elegancy. In this Classical Art of Sound, you will experience 7 Musical Records that will display a Beautiful WorkofArt which will capture your Mind, Body, Spirit & Soul and put you in a place where you've never been before in the years of our Time , creating a World of True Love , bring Inception into Reality where Dreams overcome Nightmares , Light intertwines with Darkness as the Sun and Moon Shine Equally together at once, where the Future becomes the Present and The Present is born as the Past.

~Monae Giovani~

"Mona Lisa" Album Available Now




Monae Giovani Bio
Born in Savannah, GA, the 20-year-old singer, Monae Giovani, was raised on the eastside of Atlanta. As a child, she was always consumed with the passion for music at a very early age of 7 years old. Her first performance came at her grandmothers wedding. That’s when her family knew she had the necessary talent to pursue her destiny. For school, she graduated from Dekalb School of Performing Arts, a performing arts magnet school in east Atlanta. From there, she took voice lessons and joined many choir organizations, which enhanced her musical talents. She was taught the importance of developing he craft and realized singing could be a serious career choice for her.
Growing up in an arts school gave Monae Giovani plenty experience of live performances. In most cases, those performances would be on stage in a group setting. Throughout her early stages in her career, she has performed live at talent shows, weddings, and birthdays. Monae’s music career really became serious when she met producer, Tone “Hendrix” Legend. She met him through another artist who is one of her friends by the name of Lavien Nicole. From that point on, music became her focal point.
Monae Giovani’s motivation for music is quite different from the average everyday artist. Her fans are what motivates her every single day, “My motivation to release and record music is the need to share my story. I do believe that I can be a voice for young women who share the same experiences as I do,” she quotes. She looks at herself as a role model for young women and uses her metaphoric lyrics to mentally connect with her fans subliminally and consciously as they are drawn by the sound of her voice.
The sound of music that Monae Giovani creates is more of a feeling of all the 5 senses of human nature. Her lyrics are so metaphorically outstanding that they actually come to life by quickly putting her fans into her own reality. When people listen to her, they are automatically put into their own imagination of the world that Monae Giovani expresses in her music. In other words, her lyrics literally metaphorically come to life. Fans can hear, smell, taste, see, and feel her words as they melodically ride the sexy exotic instrumental created by producer, Tone “Hendrix” Legend. Her style is unlike any artist, undeniably indescribable.
Now that Monae is fully focusing on her music career, her goal is to create an undeniable body of work that has the power to take her music career to a level that is unmatched that will put in place to become an award winning recording artist with a brilliant fan base. Soon, she will become the voice and change the lives of people through her music.

Follow Monae Giovani
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dollfacegiovani 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/monaegiovani/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/monae-giovani


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