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Hiphop & RNB Stylez Vol 137 @80minassassin


1.DJ Khaled FT John Legend | Rick Ross | Lil Wayne & Jay-Z - God Did 8:20
2.The Game FT Meek Mill | Moneybagg Yo & Blxst - Talk To Me Nice 4:13
3.Lobby Boyz FT Lyrivelli - Lobby Boyz Anthem 3:09
4.The Lobby Boyz - No Love 2:30
5.The Lobby Boyz FT Dave East - Never Take Me Alive 3:49
6.Rowdy Rebel - Day Ones 1:10
7.Chris Brown - Till The Wheels Fall Off 2:07
8.The Lobby Boyz FT Fabolous - No Bobby V 2:04
9.The Lobby Boyz FT Holy - Off The Leash 2:57
10.DJ Drama FT Fabolous | Benny The Butcher | Jim Jones &Capella Grey - Forever 3:30
11.The Lobby Boyz FT Young M.A - One Day 2:57
12.Juelz Santana FT Benny The Butcher - Same Energy 2:13
13.Ma Barker - Run Down 2:42
14.Keen Streetz FT Fligga & Dev eye - Blockwork 3:26
15.Rowdy Rebel FT ABoogie Wit Da Hoodie & Jadakiss - New York 3:51
16.French Montana FT Jim Jones - Too Late 2:47
17.Wiz Khalifa - Memory Lane 2:42
18.Fabolous - 1 Thing 2:09
19.Troy Ave - Big 14 2:17
20.Rae Sremmurd FT Flo Milli - Community Dick 3:25
21.Asian Doll FT 2 Rare & D Sturdy - Rock 3:32
22.Asian Doll FT Iffy Foreign - 2 Shots 2 Opps 2:00
23.Ron Suno FT Rowdy Rebel - What They Gon Say 2:13
24.Ta Ta & Asian Doll - Subliminals 1:45
25.Rowdy Rebel FT Dee Billz - SPOTEMGOTEM 3:06
26.Ron Suno FT Kyle Richh | TaTa & Jenn Carter - Sally 3:33
27.Soniic - Spazz #BERMUDA 2:19
28.Lobby Boyz FT Fivio Foreign - Slide 3:26
29.Rowdy Rebel - Woo Nina 1:35
30.Headie One FT Abra Cadabra & Bandokay - Can't be us 2:20

Listen Below

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Beyoncé joins five women as the only women to have every track on an album chart. All 16 tracks from her latest Renaissance album have landed a spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Queen Bey is also just the third female artist to land at least 80 entries on the Hot 100 chart along with Nicki Minaj and Swift. Renaissance is Beyoncé’s seventh No. 1 solo album.
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Roddy Ricch FT Lil Baby - Whole Lotta Ice 2:38
Bigwalkdog FT Lil Baby & Pooh Shiesty - Whole Lotta Ice 3:38
rVSSIAN ft Future & Lil Baby - M&M 3:10
Nardo Wick FT Future & Lil Baby - Me Or Sumn 3:32
Nardo Wick FT 80 X Nino Man X Q Da Fool X Don Q X Kodak Black X Chief Keef X Asian Doll X Lil Durk X 21 Savage X G Herbo - Who 15:00
Joyner Lucas FT Lil Baby - Ramen & OJ 2:55
Key Glock - Ambition for cash 2:08
Key Glock - Proud 2:19
Bigwalkdog - Motion 1:59
Polo G FT Lil Baby - Don't play 2:24
Internet Money FT Youngboy Neverbroke Again - Flossin 2:36
Youngboy NBA - Know like I know 3:39
Gucci Mane FT Lil Durk - Rumors 2:36
Foogiano FT Gucci Mane & Enchantin - Neva Trust A Soul 2:02
Lil Migo FT Quavo - Migo Shit 1:48
Kay Flock - Is Ya Ready 1:47
K1 N15 - Bando 3:00
Kay Flock FT GHerbo - Being Honest 2:29
French Montana FT Fivio Foreign - Panicking 2:09
Roddy Ricch FT Fivio Foreign - Murda One 2:12
Vado FT Jim Jones & Dave East - Checkmate 3:29
Vado - This Thing Of Ours 1:17 Various artists
Central Cee - Retail Therapy 2:13
Jay Critch - Buck 50 Freestyle 1:46
Doe Boy FT Rowdy Rebel - Shmurda Talk 2:44
Tory Lanez FT Kodak Black - Grah Tah Tah 3:02
Noodah 05 - 5th 3:29
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10 of DMX most impactful songs

10775564256?profile=original Getty Today, in memory of X, who passed away of a heart attack on April 9, THISIS80 takes a look at his 11 most impactful songs. Check out the list below.

1. "Slippn"

2. "Ruff Ryders Anthem"

Funfact : Would you believe that DMX never wanted to do this song ? According to Swizz Beatz X thought the track had too much of a rock influence for him to hop on, but Ruff Ryders’ co-founders Darrin and Joaquin Dean convinced him to do it , and the rest is history.
This joint has been a staple in Hip-hop from the very first day it hit the airwaves ~ 80minassassin

3."Party Up in here "

According to Revolt TV, THIS IS the raucous anthem that served as the second single from DMX’s 1999 album ...And Then There Was X. As its title implies, this one sees DMX let loose, and it’s all about the vibes — even if his customary death threats are still present. The hook is designed for repeating and the beat demands that you blast it as loud as you can, so it’s no surprise this became one of X’s most indelible bangers. It also peaked at No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, making it his highest-charting solo song ever.

Although essentially this is LL Cool J's record X completely owned it (No diss LL) as he combined casual threats and clever turns of phrase for a verse that further established his artistic ethos. “Let me get what’s between your sock, cause it’s better to give/Than receive, believe what I say when I tell you/Don’t make me put you somewhere where nobody’ll smell you,” X barks, with his last bar being the sort of inventive death threat only the best rappers can deliver. The year was 97'

"This will forever be a personal favorite of mine , all the MCS delivered on this joint, but when X came in with that first line it was a wrap ! " ~ 80minassassin

5."Get at me dog"
This was X'S Break through record (1st single) that made everyone fall in love with him.The opening of the verse, was everything sing it with me “What must I go through to show you shit is real?/And I ain’t really never gave a fuck how niggas feel.” The track went on to go gold just three months after it was released in and obviously, it was the first of many.

6."Money power respect"

Leading up to the release of his debut album, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, DMX had a string of stellar guest spots that helped get the world at large familiar with his sound. The LOX’s Lil Kim-assisted single “Money, Power, Respect” was one of them. Hopping on a track with other rap legends in the making, X more than held his own with a gruff delivery and memorably gruesome bars that could outmatch anyone else’s. Plus, this one peaked at No. 17 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, which is the best of X’s career.

"I still get the chills when this comes on wherever and Bar for bar I can still recite this like it was yesterday,forever classickkkkkkkk" ~ 80minassassin

On X'S First album It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, the devil makes a cameo appearance,on “Damien,” a song that finds X making a deal with a dude from ’round the way that happens to be Satan in disguise. Over the course of the story telling track, X sells his soul to the devil in order to level up in his career, and the result is a plethora of murders.This track shows X had storytelling down to a 'T' & makes it one of the most iconic in his catalog.

8."X Gon Give It To Ya"
Another classic banger from X Off the ' Romeo must die' soundtrack.No matter what emotion you felt X always made it a point that ' he gon give it to ya ' raw and uncut best believe.“I’m a wolf in sheep’s clothing/Only nigga that you know who can chill, come back and get the streets open/I’ve been doin’ this for 19 years/Niggas wanna fight me? Fight these tears,” he raps, pouring out his soul in the process. This one peaked at No. 60 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but it got a second life after it was included on the Deadpool soundtrack in 2016. It was certified platinum in 2017.
9."How's it goin down"
“How’s It Goin’ Down,” the charming single from X'S It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot album is a Mix of conversational flow and convincing warmth with detail straight from the streets of Yonkers, X remakes rap love songs in his own image. Here, having your girl move the pack for you is just as ordinary as having her pick up something from the corner store, and threatening to beat up her baby’s father —rather than killing him — is a sensible compromise. X’s smooth delivery and a smooth Dame Grease beat sell the angle and as a whole, “How’s It Goin’ Down” proves X is the total package.

10. "Ready to meet him"

This has to be one of X'S most impactful songs to this date. X has a whole conversation with god on 'Ready to meet him where he raps (lyrics)

"We each walk the path, that you've chosen

I'm ready to meet him 'cause where I'm livin' ain't right
Black hate white, white hate black, it's right back to the same fight
They got us suspectin' a war
But the real war is to follow the law of the Lord

Lord, you left me stranded, and I don't know why
Told me to live my life, now I'm ready to die
Ready to fly, I cry, but I shed no tears
You told me you would dead those fears, it's been years

Snakes still comin' at me, just missin'
Sometimes I think all you do with me is just listen
I thought that I was special, that's what you told me
Homey, stop actin' like you don't know me

What'd I do so bad that it sent you away from me?
Not only sent you away, but made you stay away from me?
My child I'm here, as I've always been
It is you who went away and now are back again

What did I say? Follow your word, and be true
What did you do? Well, what I wanted to do
What have you seen? Darkness and hell at a glance
What do you want? All I want is another chance

I'm ready to meet him 'cause where I'm livin' ain't right
Black hate white, white hate black, it's right back to the same fight
They got us suspectin' a war
But the real war is to follow the law of the Lord

I'm ready to meet him 'cause where I'm livin' ain't right
Black hate white, white hate black, it's right back to the same fight
They got us suspectin' a war
But the real war is to follow the law of the Lord

Just because you went away, my doors are not locked
Wanna come back home? All you gotta do is knock
You see I left home a boy, but returned as a man
Full grown, and I'm still not able to stand

I gave you a hand, well, but I was lookin' the wrong way
Figured out the plan, then I started to pray
And that prayer, took me from here over there
Back to over here, now it got me like

Where do I belong, do I fit in?
Things on my mind, where do I begin?
It's easier to sin, but it hurts my heart
I'm really tryin' to win, so where do we start?

Thou shalt not steal, but what if he stole from me?
Thou shalt not kill, but what if he's tryin' to kill me?
Thou shalt not take my name in vain
No matter how hard it rains, withstand the pain

I'm ready to meet him 'cause where I'm livin' ain't right
Black hate white, white hate black, it's right back to the same fight
They got us suspectin' a war
But the real war is to follow the law of the Lord

I'm ready to meet him 'cause where I'm livin' ain't right
Black hate white, white hate black, it's right back to the same fight
They got us suspectin' a war
But the real war is to follow the law of the Lord

I'm ready to meet him, our father, who art in Heaven
I'm not ashamed to ask for guidance at twenty seven
No longer afraid to knock on your door
Not scared anymore to lose my life in the war

After what I just saw, I'm ridin' with the Lord
'Cause I really can't afford to lose my head by the sword
And now that I've seen, what I need to see
Please take me, where I need to be

What have you learned? It's better to tell the truth than to lie
What have you learned? To love my life until I die
What have you learned? Violence isn't always the key
What have you learned? You can't always believe what you see

What have you learned? It's better to forgive and forget
What have you learned? Give as you expect to get
What have you learned? That I can't go on without you
What have you learned? I musta been a fool to ever doubt you

I'm ready to meet him 'cause where I'm livin' ain't right
Black hate white, white hate black, it's right back to the same fight
They got us suspectin' a war
But the real war is to follow the law of the Lord

I'm ready to meet him 'cause where I'm livin' ain't right
Black hate white, white hate black, it's right back to the same fight
They got us suspectin' a war
But the real war is to follow the law of the Lord

I'm ready to meet him
I'm ready to meet him
I'm ready to meet him
I'm ready to meet him
I'm ready to meet him "

This is one of DMX'S most clever songs!

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80minassassin returns with the latest installment to his HIPHOP AND RNB Mixtape series .Vol 121 is dedicated to the late rap artist "Pop Smoke" who was recently gunned down at the young age of 20.Pop Smoke was on a serious rise when he met his untimely demise .This one's for all the youngings family and friends going thru it right now .Rest in peace POP SMOKE

1.Tory Lanez - Broke In A Minute 1:52
2.Moneybagg Yo FT Lil Baby - U Played 3:05
3.Yo Gotti FT Lil Baby - Put A Date On It 2:53
4.Flipp Dinero FT Lil Baby - How I Move 3:19
5.Roddy Ricch - The Box 2:37
6.Lil Wayne FT 2 Chainz - Know I Know 2:31
7.Lil Wayne - Wild Dogs 3:19
8.Pop Smoke - Scenario 3:14
9.Pop Smoke - Christopher Walking 2:43
10.Pop Smoke FT Quavo - Shake The Room 2:26
11.Tory Lanez FT Fivio Foreign - KLOK 2:49
12.Casanova FT Fivio Foreign & Smoove L - D&DS 2:22
13.Pop Smoke FT Lil TJay - Mannequin 2:09
14.Pop Smoke FT Lil TJay - War 2:55
15.JACKBOYS FT Pop Smoke & Travis Scott - Gatti 2:36
16.Drake - WAR 2:11
17.Fivio Foreign FT Rich The Kid - Richer Than Ever 3:03
18.C Black FT Fivio Foreign - Like That 2:40
19.Chaz Marcus FT Fivio Foreign - Leak 3:05
20.OG Product - Back Then 3:24
21.Sosa Geek X Fetty Luciano X Rah Swish X Young Costamado - WOOO Walk 3:09
22.Mello Major FT Sosa Geek - Bag Today 2:36
Yo Gotti FT Rick Ross - Dopechella 3:48
23.Nicki Minaj FT Future - Sir 2:37
24.Nicki Minaj FT Asian Doll - Yikes REMIX 2:06
25.A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie FT Da Baby - Stain 3:14
26.Jay Guapo - LL The Woo (POP SMOKE TRIBUTE) 2:58

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10775558096?profile=original In a recent Twitter rant, rapper and entrepreneur(J4L) Styles P asked A couple of serious questions concerning BLM and asked his followers for their insight.

Where is the money being donated going ? Who is the treasurer of blm ? Do they have leaders in every city they contact ? Is it a board ? and where are the headquarters located?

— phantom. (@therealstylesp) June 11, 2020

The exact question we've been thinking about for years, no one even knows who're the founders of BLM are. All we know is that it's a slogan, but that slogan is our leader? Styles also seems to insinuate that George Soros is backing both Antifa and BLM. Is Styles asking valid questions ?What are your thoughts.
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The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office announced Thursday that Tory Lanez has been charged with shooting Megan Thee Stallion. According to a press release, his charges include assault with a semiautomatic firearm, personal use of a firearm, and carrying a loaded, unregistered firearm in a vehicle. Lanez also faces a gun allegation and that he personally inflicted great bodily injury.

Lanez is accused of shooting several times at Megan Thee Stallion's feet and wounding her after getting into an argument.

Lanez's arraignment is scheduled for October 13. If convicted, he faces a possible maximum sentence of 22 years and eight months in state prison. The Los Angeles Police Department is still investigating the case.

Source: Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

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Almost five months after we lost Pop Smoke  the LAPD has arrested five people in connection with his murder.

Pop's murder had remained unsolved and his killer was still free, with the coronavirus pandemic having hindered the progress of the investigation.

The LAPD served multiple search warrants around Los Angeles early Thursday morning, and 5 people were arrested on warrants in connection to the rapper's murder. 3 adults and 2 juveniles were arrested. It's unclear what the suspects are being charged with, but all 5 will be interviewed by police and then booked.
Pop Smoke was gunned down in February at a house he was renting out in Los Angeles. According to reports, it appears the murder was a target hit and not an armed robbery gone wrong.

Source : TMZ

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80MinAssassin checks in with his 125th installment for the Hiphop And Rnb Stylez mixtape series featuring New And exclusive music from Chris Brown , Young Thug, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Uzi Vert, Kingsize,Future,Da Baby,Tory Lanez
+ More
Listen to HH&RNB STYLEZ VOL 125 Below
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The Lox team up with DMX to bring the heat on 'Bout Shit'Produced by Scram Jones, the track is taken from The LOX’s new album ‘Living Off Xperience’, which arrived on Friday (August 28).

Joining Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek, the album features appearances from T-Pain, Jeremih, Oswin Benjamin, and Griselda rappers Benny The Butcher and Westside Gunn.

On the new track, X pulls no punches, rapping: “Been a loose cannon, been putting work in/ Name ringing bells, from School Street to Warburton/ N****s talk about battle, but they ain’t battle dog/ My rap sheet is longer than n****s catalogues/ Fuck you battle for?/ You know you ain’t winning…”

Watch the video for ‘Bout Shit’ below: Check out Bout shit below
Purchase 'bout shit' here
purchase ' Living off experience here'

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Nipsey Hussle's collaborative debut with Puma has been in the pipeline for some time, but the capsule has finally been given a release date.

Nip's team announced via his Instagram Tuesday (Aug. 20) that the collection will be available to the public for purchase on Sept. 5.

"Nipsey spearheaded this project from concept to final product over the course of last year, flying to meetings, reviewing samples, bringing in material references he liked, and most importantly ensuring that it reflected his style authentically with no compromise," the statement reads. "Each detail from logo placement, fit, colorways, and materials was thoughtfully done. His signature style and DNA can be found in each garment that’s part of this collection from the khaki suit to the tracksuit."

Hussle initially teased the collaboration back in March with an expected fall release date. "This project is very special to our team and we’re handling it with the utmost care to ensure it’s delivered exactly as Nipsey envisioned it," the statement continued. "It’s a privilege for us to honor his commitment and carry out this project for people to receive a personally curated collection by Nip Hussle Tha Great."

PUMA announced they will be donating all of the proceeds to the newly launched Neighborhood Nip Foundation. “PUMA is proud to honor the vision and legacy of Nipsey Hussle through the new PUMA x TMC Collection," the apparel giant added. "With the blessing of his family, we’re releasing it on Sept. 5, 2019 and 100% of the net proceeds from the sales will go to the Neighborhood “Nip” Foundation."

In addition to the capsule arriving next month, construction is also underway of the Nipsey Hussle Tower nearby The Marathon Clothing store's shopping center in Los Angeles.


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