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More Legal Troubles For DMX, Facing $1,000,000 Lawsuit

Yonkers Rapper DMX will find himself in court once again. This time due to a lawsuit filed by Thunder Promotions. Thunder is the promotion firm that backed X’s boxing match that was scheduled to take place on December 12th.

As we previously reported, DMX backed out of the fight against Eric Martinez for Alabama Pride, because the promotion company refused to fix the fight.

Resulting from the back out, Thunder is suing DMX for a $1,000,000. According to documents filed yesterday Friday, Nov 20th, Thunder Promotions is claiming that the MC is a fraud and that he led them on, because as soon as they refused to fix the fight, he backed out.

The promotional company says X’s back out cost them a lot of money, because the cancellation came so late, and it put them in a bind trying to find another celebrity to replace the rapper.

Soon after the news of DMX dropping out of the match, Thunder did find a replacement. Coolio is now scheduled to fight the under card bout in December.

Coolio recently spoke on the boxing match, and he says he has no plans on losing the fight. This is what he had to say to about the bout.

“I've been doing martial arts for 18 years. Somebody is gonna get knocked the fuck out. Coolio don't take ass whoopin’s well. I'll tell you what, if I get into trouble, you gonna know because it's gonna go from boxing to fucking wrestling and choking because I hate to lose.”

There has been no comment from DMX on his latest legal troubles.

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