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Rapper Black Rob Hospitalized (Condition Unknown)

51-year-old rapper Black Rob has recently revealed to have been hospitalized as a video of him struggling to breathe surfaced on DJSelf's Instagram page.

The rapper was seen having a hard time breathing and shared a painful message about what he's going through,he also shared his thoughts on the passing of rap legend DMX.
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A post shared by DJ Self (@djself)

Posted on DJ Self's Instagram page, Black Rob can be seen breathing laboriously on a hospital bed. Keeping his eyes shut from the pain, for the most part, Black Rob had this to say:

"I don’t know, the pain is crazy, man. It’s helping me out though, it’s making me realize I got a lot to go."
While in pain and struggling to hold a conversation, Black Rob still managed to share a few words about DMX's passing with a short message before he simply couldn't speak anymore.

"I feel everything about X. X was positive. Love to X."
Black Rob has had a couple close calls regarding his health, suffering a stroke back in 2015, but he has managed to pull through. With the world still reeling from DMX's passing, the rap world is not prepared to lose another legend. Fans having been pouring their support for Black Rob all over social media.
News around Black Rob's health is scant as no official reason for his hospitalization has been provided so far.

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