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Stevie J And Joseline Back At It ?!

After Joseline slandered Stevie J all over the internet and accused him of having STDs, an empty bank account, and a multitude of other things, everyone's favorite dysfunctional couple are back together again.

They lasted just about two weeks, but this weekend Joseline and Stevie J hung out in Raleigh, NC together. Joseline had previously fired Stevie as her manager, accused him of having homosexual sex, and declared him full of STDs, but apparently they're back in love.

Publicly airing out your man on Twitter and firing him only to get back together is not a very good look, but these two have a history of fighting and making up.

Joseline and Stevie posted pics of the two of them at Star Bar in Raleigh at the Women's Empowerment Event, which Stevie was curiously enough a part of.

Do you think Joseline took Stevie back after he threatened to spill her secrets? Check out the pics of the two hanging out in NC above.

Source: theybf.com

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