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#WOWMOMENT : Latvian sailor on $48 million cocaine rap ( Biggest Haul In Bermuda )

MONDAY, MAY 28, 3.30PM UPDATE: A Latvian sailor brought $48 million worth of cocaine into Bermuda while on a journey from the Caribbean to the Baltic Sea, a court heard.

Janis Zegelis, 28, is on trial in Supreme Court facing firearm, ammunition and drug charges.

The charges relate to the period July 21 to August 1.

The court heard Mr Zegelis sailed into Bermuda on July 21 from Trinidad and Tobago on a small sailboat with 165 kilos of cocaine, 192 rounds of ammunition and a nine milimetre Beretta.

Rory Field, Director of the Department of Public Prosecutions, told the court Mr Zegelis sailed into St George’s that day after experiencing problems with the boat.

Opening the case, Mr Field said told the jury Mr Zegelis speaks Latvian, Russian, English and a little bit of Spanish.

A translator is in the courtroom in case the defendant isn’t able to understand something.

Mr Field also told the jury Mr Zegelis is a skilled sailor.

“In 2011, he visited several Caribbean islands including Trinidad and Tobago.

“The boat was small enough to sail solo but big enough to sail transatlantic from the Caribbean to the Baltic.

“It seems somewhere during that journey, the yacht had problems on the high seas and the mast.

“The engine on the boat wasn’t big enough to deal with the conditions.”

Mr Field continued: “In the event, the boat came into Bermuda and specifically to St George’s on July 21.

“The intention of Mr Zegelis was to mend the problem of the mast.

“Perhaps unlucky for Mr Zegelis, he arrived in the run up to the Cup Match holiday.”

The DPP said “timed slipped by” without the repairs being completed on the boat and Customs searched it on August 1.

He told the jury that at the front of the cabin, there was an area for people to sleep and underneath were storage holes.

“The holes were opened up by Customs and they found 165 kilos of cocaine.

“Mr Zegelis was escorted to the front cabin by Customs and asked ‘what is in these packages?’

“He replied, ‘something worth your search’.”

Mr Field said the defendant told the officers it was 166 kilos of cocaine.

The Customs officers also found the bullets and the gun.

“He was armed and ready to protect his drugs.

“He had two extra magazines that allowed up to 30 bullets to be fired in a round.”

Mr Field said one magazine had 29 bullets and the other had 25, which would have allowed Mr Zegelis to fire 54 shots in a row.
The defendant denies the charges.

Source : http://bermudasun.bm/main.asp?SectionID=24&SubSectionID=270&...

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