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Pop Smoke allegedly was Killed by a 15 year old over a $2000 Rolex while he was Naked takin a shower

Listen to my new song called 'HYPE BEAST' here . https://lilak.lnk.to/hypebeastDJ Akademiks Speaks on Pop Smoke being allegedly Killed by a 15 year old and h...
21 hours ago
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DJ Khaled ft. Justin Timberlake - JUST BE (Official Visualizer)

Official visualizer for DJ Khaled feat. Justin Timberlake “JUST BE” off his KHALED KHALED Album KHALED KHALED ALBUM OUT NOW: Follow @80promos for more
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ThisIs80 posted videos
May 4

Mixtape Spotlight (Click On Cover)



DMX Update : DMX's still in coma , Family Has to Make Difficult Decision NOW!

More news on our guy DMX, according to the reports, DMX is not doing WELL At all! His brain is STILL not showing any activity, and his overall condition hasn’t improved at all! Now its up to DMX’s family whether they pull the plug and let DMX go, or will they keep fighting and holding on…

Watch this video to find out.

Ok so DMX’s health has pretty much stayed the same since we heard the news Saturday morning. Now according to sources, the medical team at the hospital has performed some tests on DMX’s brain, and they are saying his brain hasn’t improved since. According to reports, DMX’s brain didnt have oxygen for almost a half of an hour.

When DMX was admitted into he ICU Dmx was resuscitation and was put one life support.

As of right now, DMXs remains in a coma and the rest results didn't come back good at all. DMX’s manager by the name of Steve Riskin says he plans to fly into New York Friday. Tomorrow and the hopes of DMX surviving is a quote on quote: “Dwindling”

Its currently undecided on when DMX’s family will make the official decision on Dark man X’s future, but the manager of DMX is saying they are going to determine the best for DMX very soon.

Now its defiantly still hope for DMX, especially with pray and being an optimist. Just a few years ago the NBA Player Lamar Odom had the same situation as DMX and survived and he’s walking around pretty normal to this day.

Lamar Odom suffered several heart attacks and strokes after mixing a lot of drugs. Lamar Odom was on life support in a Los Vegas hospital. According to reroots, they say Lamar Odam had 12 strokes and six heart attacks while he was in a coma. Lamar Odam says he’s a walking miracle.

So hopefully, this will bet he same thing when it comes to DMX, a miracle.

Now it's been alot of False Rumors or news when it comes to DMX, at first, it was reported that DMX was breathing on his own, which was proven to be false, and now just yesterday, they were reporting saying that DMX currently has covid. Or Test Positive for Covid.

Once again, DMX’s lawyer went to his social media and cleared up the rumors: He said this: DMX is currently on life support and in a coma. There are multiple people with inaccurate information about his well-being and its not helpful or productive.

So for the record, DMX has not tested positive for Covid.

So once more information comes out about DMX you will be the first to hear it from him directly. I like to end my videos with positive or profound memories of DMX. Here is DMX show his daughter the love and encouragement, when he went on a roller coaster with her. This is great, Roll it:

Lets talk about this in the comments, what’s your favorite DMX Song? I ain't gone lie, that Let Me Fly song hits a little different especially during this time where its lingering about what they should do with DMX?

Tell me in the comments, if DMX was your family member what would you do? Not saying were agreeing or disagree with the people in charge of DMX, but do you think they need to keep him on the machine, or not? Do you think DMX would want that? Let me know in the comments, I want to know what you think!

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Welcome to my Channel, In Da News Daily, where I provide Daily Commentary on what is going on in the hip hop world and ect. I give facts, what happens, and how I feel about the situation. Make sure to subscribe and Welcome to the Fam. I’m in the News Wit It.

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