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The Speech That Got Irritated Genie Banned From #Bermuda (Liberty Theatre Speech)

Apparently speaking on behalf of preserving traditional Black families and protecting Black children from sexual abuse is enough to get a Black man banned from a Black country nowadays. Recently, Irritated Genie, in conjunction with Professor James Small, spoke to hundreds of people at the Liberty Theatre in Bermuda.

The audience loved both lectures. The audience response was overwhelming and the Bermudian Brothers and Sisters adopted Baba Small and Irritated Genie as family.

However, the special interest groups, particularly the promosexuals and homosexuals, have conspired to give the meeting the worst publicity they can manage to propagate. Additionally, they have put so much pressure on the politicians on the island, that Irritated Genie has been banned from the country for promoting strong, healthy relationships between Black men and Black women.

Please watch this brief clip of the lecture given by Irritated Genie on Saturday, September 26, 2015 @ the Liberty Theatre in Bermuda. Let us know if you believe this to be "Hate Speech" and a message worthy of getting a Black man banned from traveling to a Black country.

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